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Harrington Social Studies, Language Arts, Lit 6th Grade

Welcome to Mrs. Harrington's Social Studies, Language Arts and Literature page! Please click the link below to view your Calendar and Homework information.

My teaching partner is Ms. Cybele. She teaches your students Math, Science and PE. Visit her page here.

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Physical Education

Students spend a lot of time in classrooms at school but getting outside and being active is just as important. Physical Education is mandated by the State of California. Students in elementary school are required to have 200 minutes of Physical Education every 10 days and 400 minutes in Middle School. Physical education is a combination of structured activities and lessons on nutrition and healthy living. Depending on the teacher or the provider, students participate in a variety of sports, dancing, calisthenics, and other activities to get them up and moving. 

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Ellen Perris-Fitch

Click the 'Miss Perris' classes' link above to access the Homework Email.

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English Language Arts

Common Core English Language Arts requires students to read, write, speak, listen, and use language effectively as well as develop literacy skills through literature and more complex informational texts that build knowledge in a variety of content areas. Emphasis is placed on answering a range of text-dependent questions that require inferences and evidence based on careful attention to the text. Lessons focus on rigor, critical-thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills that are necessary for success in college, career, and life.

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English Language Arts

Welcome to my Language Arts Website! Please click the links below to view your Calendar, Homework, News and Materials sections.  

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English Language Arts 7

Welcome to the Generic Subject Template page! Please click the links below to view your Calendar, Homework, News and Materials sections. There are setup steps and helpful hints on each page.

Click the icon in the top right corner for information and tips about Website LayoutCreating Classroom Spaces for your subjects or class periods or posting homework News Pages 

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English Language Development

English Language Development (ELD) Standards are used in tandem with the Common Core State Standards to give our English Learners (ELs) what they need to acquire language and gain access to grade-level standards. The California Department of Education requires that ELs receive explicit ELD instruction (Designated/Dedicated ELD Instruction), grouped by proficiency level. ELs also need access to grade-level standards. CUSD teachers use research-based instructional strategies proven to be effective in helping ELs meet grade-level content.

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English Language Development (ELD)

In English Language Development (ELD) class, students will receive (ELD) standards based lessons to provide them with the language skills that they need to be successful in school and fluent in English.

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Enrichment opportunities at Rolling Hills Middle School develop the whole student, providing knowledge and context for the world around them. Students will participate in various exploratories during their time at Rolling Hills Middle School. They're encouraged to try these classes, and maybe even discover a new passion in Band, Digital Photography, Journalism, Technology, Visual Arts, or World Languages. They’re also encouraged to participate in a variety of after-school activities and clubs.

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Erin Donovan

Parent Info!

Welcome to my class page. Please select your class information from the pages below.

Your childs math book is available at :

They can use the school google username and passwords for access.

Here is a list of requested school supplies, we will give a hard copy to students the first day!

Recommended for 6th grade success:

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Exploratories are a great way to develop a well-rounded individual. At Rolling Hills Middle School, students have the opportunity to take a wide variety of classes to develop their creative and analytical sides. Who knows, your student might just discover a lifelong passion in one of these non-traditional courses.

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Firenze Social Studies

5. Homework and Announcements 6/6/18

1. Read Chapters 7,8,10 &11 Renaissance in your MEMT (Medieval and Early Modern Times)

2. Make sure you finish all classroom notes before the end of the unit test and notecheck.

3. The Renaissance Test will be Thursday the 7th.

4. Final day to turn in all late no name or missing work will be Thursday June 7th

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