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Updated Wed, Oct 10th


Volunteers needed at break, lunch, and after school. 
Please contact Gail Panus in the library if you can help.

gpanus [at]

Updated Wed, Oct 10th

Dismissal - 1:08 All Week

Schedule of conference week

Updated Wed, Oct 17th

Red Ribbon Week is the nation’s oldest and largest drug prevention awareness program. Next week, October 23rd-31st, school sites will be participating in various activities that will support our students in making better choices such as being drug free. The school district and the Governing board recognize the importance of providing information to our students about healthy lifestyles. More information about Red Ribbon Week is online. For specific activities at your child's school, please ask the principal or your child' teacher.

Updated Tue, Oct 16th

Superintendent Viramontez presented the why and how of the district's initiative at Parent University 2018.

In her keynote address, the Superintendent described the district's commitment to preparing students for the future and the yet-to-be-defined workplace. For success, students will need to develop five key competencies: self-directed, collaborative, innovative, empathetic and critical thinking.

To illustrate the point, she presented three videos, which are also on our campbellusd YouTube channel.

  1. The Future of Work (3 min.)
  2. Comments from iSchool CEO Travis Allen about changing education (17 min.)
  3. The CUSD Profile of a Graduate (4 min.)
Updated Tue, Oct 16th

A Message from the Superintendent

We’ve heard a lot lately about being prepared for emergencies like earthquakes, floods, and wild fires. With Halloween coming, families also are mindful of choosing safe costumes for their children. These are important safety measures that we support whole heartedly.

When it comes to supporting wellness for the WHOLE child, Campbell Union School District goes beyond the expected. Please watch this short video from Superintendent Shelly Viramontez to find out more.

On our Youtube channel at

Updated Tue, Oct 16th

drawing of hands and running waterWashing hands is a universal precaution that helps prevent the spread of colds, flu, and other contagious illnesses.

Please remind children and family members to wash hands thoroughly and often!

For more health-related information, visit our "Supporting Learning" partners.

Updated Fri, Oct 12th

Work continues toward closing achievement gaps.

Last week, the California Department of Education (CDE) released results from the fourth year of the student assessment system known as CAASPP (California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress) which show that Campbell Union School District (CUSD) students continue to make gains in English-Language Arts (ELA) and Math.
Each year, CUSD students in grades three to eight, participate in the annual CAASPP testing to measure each one’s ability write clearly, think critically, and solve problems. It is one of several ways teachers measure student progress toward meeting academic standards. Classwork, teacher-generated exams, and district-level assessments offer them more frequent, qualitative information.

Student-level Reports Were Mailed in Summer
In summer, the district mailed individual student reports to parents and guardians. October 15-19, CUSD schools will hold parent-teacher conferences at which parents may discuss their child’s results and education goals.

School/District Reports Show Trends
“As a district, we monitor closely the progress of all of our students, and we continue to work towards our mission of educating all students to their highest potential,” said District Superintendent Shelly Viramontez. “The CAASPP results show us district- and school-wide views of where we are making gains and where we need to intensify our efforts. Like many California schools, we have a persistent achievement gap for our second language and Special Education students.”
The district did see improvement this year for Special Education students, who made 4% growth in ELA and 3% growth in math. That number exceeds the growth of all students, who made growth of 1% in both ELA and Math — a growth level consistent with the state-wide trend.

A Common Goal for Educators and Families
“We are committed to preparing students for the 21st century workforce, and our new Profile of a Graduate initiative provides a cohesive focus for that commitment,” Viramontez said. The Profile of a Graduate calls for students to be self-directed, collaborative, innovative, empathetic, and critical thinkers.
“We invite parents and guardians—the child's first teachers—to partner with us. There are many ways they may take an active role in their child’s education,” she said. “Reinforcing school learning at home, monitoring your child’s progress, and developing a strong relationship with your child’s school increases a student’s chances for academic success.”

Updated Mon, Oct 8th

Parent University offers timely topics to help you support your child's education and health.

Remember to register for Campbell Union School District's Parent University 

Saturday, Oct. 13th beginning from 8a until 12p at Monroe Middle School

A one-morning, no-cost opportunity to build your own skills and knowledge.
No-fee childcare for grades TK-8 available with advance registration.
Some presentations also offered in Spanish* or with interpreters (i).

So many topics to choose!

New Session Added:
"VAPES and JULLS: What Do Parents Need to Know?"
The Teenage Brain (i)
Student Safety: Every Day, Any Crisis * 
What About Screen Time? (i)
Web to One: New Middle School Tech Initiative (i)
Parent to Parent: School System Know-How
Growth Mindset and Student Success *
Birds & Bees: Family Life & the Healthy Youth Act *
What Happened to Report Cards? 
The ABCs of Supporting Your Special Education Learner (i)
Education Beyond the Schoolhouse
Nurturing Your Earliest Reader
Fluency Focus and Your English Learner
How to Ask More Beautiful Questions
AVID for Success in Any Career
Ready, Set, Design Sprint!
Discubre Oportunidades Educativas para los Padres *
Mentalidad de crecimiento y éxito estudiantil *
VAPES and JULLS: What Do Parents Need to Know?*

Register for Campbell Union School District's Parent University 

Updated Wed, Oct 17th

Welcome to October!  Walking classrooms, we see a number of students using descriptive language as they write about abandoned houses and creepy forests.  Students are participating in simulations of feudalism, considering how one’s class truly defined one’s experiences centuries ago.  Electives are in full swing, as students are learning how to play instruments and log onto Power School to assess their own progress.  Our blacktop now has pickleball and volleyball courts, enabling our PE department to utilize more space.  Science classrooms are working on group projects, while our upper grade math department is using an online program called IXL to further support students.  There is a lot of student engagement in classrooms!

Fall Conferences

The expectation is that all parents have an opportunity to conference with their child’s teacher(s) in the fall.  At the middle school level, this can become more challenging for several reasons.  The student population is larger as are class sizes, and in many cases students have between three to six teachers.

To improve upon past practices, RHMS will move to arena style conferences for our seventh and eighth grade families.  All seventh and eighth grade teachers will be present in the Gym so that parents may visit with teachers in a single location, at a single time.  (Elective teachers may prove a little more difficult, as they are responsible for sixth graders as well.)  We have run alphabetized lists of upper grade students, assigning families certain days.

Last Names
Grades 7 & 8





Monday, October 15




Tuesday, October 16




Wednesday October 17




Thursday, October 18




Friday, October 19



Because sixth grade can be managed by their core teachers, parents of sixth graders will be receiving individual notices from their core teacher regarding a specific day and time.

It is important to note that all CUSD schools end an hour prior to the Minimum Day.  That is to say that we will be out at 1:08.  Please plan accordingly for your child’s safe transportation home.


Our schoolwide testing schedule was very successful.  All teachers supported all students as they completed an online reading and math assessment over the course of four days.   In year’s past these assessments were taken exclusively in our ELA and math classrooms.  This year, no curricular areas were short changed, and all departments supported students.

Spirit Week

The Student Council is working on a Spirit Week starting Monday, October 29.  In addition to a fall color day where each grade level will be asked to wear a certain fall color, there will a day for Breast Cancer Awareness, Halloween costumes, Movember, and a day exclusively for RHMS spirit wear.  Seeing our student leaders taking ownership of this will be exciting, and it will be evidence of their “soft skills” being leveraged.  Student representatives of all classrooms are sharing with their classmates the details as they are finalized.


While we encourage you to remain in contact with your child’s teacher, we are working on a few angles to foster better communication with our large community.  With the support of our district, we are looking to have our KEGL morning announcements on our website in the coming weeks.  This is a student generated news program that is part of an upper grade elective; it may help better inform parents of current happenings at RHMS.  Additionally, PowerSchool has an option for parents to select daily announcements, as well grades and attendance.  If parents want help on this facet of PowerSchool, please come to the office and let us know.  Finally, school administration will attend a training this week to learn more details of an online elementary program called SeeSaw aimed at potentially increasing student engagement and parent communication, and consider its implementation at the middle school setting.

Web to One

In an effort to obtain parent input regarding CUSD’s Web to One Initiative, please take a moment to complete the following link.  Your input will help drive the direction and timeframe of CUSD providing each student with a Chromebook for use at school and at home, something at least two surrounding districts have already implemented.

Thank You…

… for taking the time to read this and supporting your child as he or she advances through RHMS.  Your presence, whether it is sharing stories about your own middle school experiences, reading a Power School email, reviewing a math concept, or telling your child how much you appreciate his or her effort at school, goes a long way. 

Bell Schedule

  • Period 18:35–9:33
  • Period 29:37–10:31
  • Break10:31–10:41
  • Period 310:45–11:39
  • Period 411:43–12:41
  • Lunch12:41–1:11
  • Period 51:15–2:10
  • Period 62:13–3:08
  • Period 18:35–9:23
  • Period 29:27–10:11
  • Break10:11–10:21
  • Period 310:25–11:09
  • Period 411:13–12:01
  • Lunch12:01–12:31
  • Period 512:35–1:20
  • Period 61:24–2:08

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