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Updated Wed, Feb 13th
Updated Wed, Feb 13th
Updated Wed, Feb 13th
Updated Wed, Feb 13th
Updated Wed, Feb 13th

Principal’s Message

Happy February.  The quantity of rain and wind we are experiencing might make a hefty math and science project for our students.  While glad to see the rain, it can become tiresome!  Thankfully, many teachers continue to open their classrooms, and today we hosted several volleyball games in the gym for interested students.


With the support of the entire staff, students successfully completed our district’s recent iReady assessments.  We have asked that all ELA and math teachers print parent reports and distribute them to students by this Friday.  This report is one measure of student progress towards meeting academic grade level standards, and it will show a comparison between September and February.  Should you have questions about the report, please contact your child’s ELA or math teacher.

While iReady is an important indicator of growth and achievement, additional academic measures include exit tickets, essays, individual presentations, group projects, quizzes, tests, and letter grades.

Equally important measures of growth and competency include the soft skills detailed in CUSD’s profiles of a graduate, including being self-directed, innovative, a critical thinker, collaborative, and empathetic.  We hope to foster well-rounded citizens and encourage you to remain in contact with your child’s teachers.


Sixth and seventh grade families, come join us for a day and watch our students shine!  We need volunteers to be panelists for our 8th grade student Exhibitions on Tuesday, February 26th.

The Eighth Grade Exhibition project is a promotion requirement for all 8th grade students.  Pupils have researched topics, planned and completed projects related to their topics, and are ready to present their findings to panelists who will listen and evaluate their performances.  

Our 8th grade ELA teachers will explain the judging requirements, and you will have firsthand knowledge of this experience for your children in the coming years.

If you are interested, please contact Vilma Valdez at vvaldez [at] (vvaldez [at] or Malia Naeole-Takasato at mnaeole-takasato [at] (mnaeole-takasato [at] or call Sue Odom at 364-4200 extension 5150.


Thanks to so many families who donated items to the Goodwill truck two weeks ago.  We are pleased to announce that the items required more than one truck and that Goodwill will make a monetary donation to our RHMS PTA.  Please log onto for more details about how to support the PTA as it works to support over 1,000 RHMS students.

Cookies with the Counselors

Last week’s counselor presentations were well attended.  There were approximately 30 families who were present, hearing about grade level classroom presentation topics and discussing current social concerns, including online safety, friendships, and vaping.  We are looking to have an additional informational opportunity in late March to discuss topics involving a healthy lifestyle.


Our PE fields are currently being prepared for re-seeding; irrigation is being installed and tested.  As we lose field space for several months, the track’s infield is being addressed for the short term.  It is our district’s expectation to mow the infield, fill divots, and temporarily water the space until our old fields re-open.  This will allow the boys’ soccer teams to play home games here at RHMS in the coming weeks.

Spirit Week

ASB and student leadership are planning another Spirit Week, March 4th to 8th.  To energize students, there will be a competition run through first period, tallying classes with the highest rate of participation.

Monday, March 4th: Sports Day  (Wear a jersey.)
Tuesday, March 5th: Black Out Day (Students and staff should wear black clothing.)
Wednesday, March 6th: Twin Day
Thursday, March 7th: Hawaiian Day
Friday, March 8th: College Day

In Closing

Whether you remain home or travel next week, we hope that you have a safe upcoming vacation, and we look forward to welcoming the month of March to RHMS.

Updated Wed, Feb 13th

Parents and planners ask: When will the NEXT school year start?

We know that many families want to plan summer vacations that won't conflict with the start of school. Although the full 2019-20 school year calendar is not yet official, we have determined that students will start school during the week of August 19, 2019. The exact date within that week will be determined by Governing Board action at next month's meeting, on March 7th. 

As you plan ahead, please bear in mind that our schools also schedule middle school orientations and kindergarten "round ups" in the days preceding the start of school. 

Once the school calendar is official, we will post key dates on our online calendars, websites, and on campus bulletin boards.

Updated Wed, Feb 13th

Have you ordered your yearbook?  There's still time! 

Order yearbooks online at

 yearbook order flyer

Updated Wed, Feb 6th

Volunteer panelists needed to listen to students’ presentations.

Even if your child is not yet in 8th grade, volunteering as a panelist is a great way to get to know the process and help the students have this authentic public speaking experience.

The Eighth Grade Exhibition project is a promotion requirement for all 8th grade students.  The pupils have researched topics, planned and completed a project related to their topics, and are ready to present their findings to panelists who will listen and evaluate their performance.  

It’s Easy!  We’ll show you what to do and even provide some refreshments!

If you are available any of the times listed below or have quesitons about being involved as a judge, please respond to Stephanie Day: sday [at] (sday [at] or 408-364-4200, ext. 6244.

Yes, I would like to be a volunteer panelist:  

Which  Date Choose a Session
School Date Morning Afternoon Full Day
Monroe Mid. 3/1/19  __ 8a-11a  __ 11a- 2:35p  __ 8a-2:35p
Rolling Hills Mid.   2/26/19  __ 8:45a-1:10p  __ 12:45-3p  __ 8:45a-3p

Name:                               Phone:                                  Email:       

Updated Wed, Feb 13th

The Open Enrollment period for 2019-20 school year ends at 4 p.m. this Friday, Feb. 15.

If you're requesting an elementary or middle school for your child, please be sure your registration is complete and verified by the deadline. More information is online.

Updated Wed, Feb 6th

California law requires that children have an oral health assessment as part of attending public school. Dental Society volunteers partner with our schools in promoting students' dental health.

Untreated dental problems can cause intense pain and adversely affect nutrition, growth, and ability to pay attention in class. This week, in observance of National Children's Dental Health Month, teams of volunteer dentists and their assistants are providing free dental screenings to more than 1,000 students in our schools. It is part of a nation-wide program that aims to identify dental problems early, educate children about good dental hygiene, and help to connect families to dental care if they need it.

Nurses at Campbell Union School District's schools will follow up with the families of children found to have serious dental issues. Those who do not have regular dentists will receive assistance in getting dental care through the Dental Society volunteers.

"We want to help catch dental problems early," says Dr. Zarkesh, President of the Santa Clara County Dental Society, pictured here providing a dental screening to a student. "And it's fun being with the kids."

The Dental Society coordinates the local event. This month, they will provide free oral assessments for more than 5,000 students county wide.

Updated Tue, Feb 5th
Dear RHMS Parents,
Time is running out!  The final day to purchase a yearbook with personalization is Friday, February 1, 2019! Please click here to view the Yearbook Flier for information on the cost of the book + the additional costs for personalization (names and icons). 
Not sure if your child has a yearbook on order already? A current sales list (through 1/16) is posted on the window of room A2, so your child can check and let you know if his/her name is on the list.
If you want to provide a personalized yearbook for your child, purchase it online TODAY!
Lori Bertolucci
Yearbook Advisor
Updated Wed, Feb 6th

Principal’s Message 

Welcome to Northern California winters, where Mother Nature keeps us on our toes.  While the inclement weather added much rain to our gauges, it also led to puddles and leaks.  With the help of teachers and district groundskeepers, students had a number of dry areas to eat lunch and enjoy some downtime last week.  This week, with the brilliant sunshine, it is terrific seeing kids playing sports and card games outside again.


As indicated in the previous Principal’s Message, our second iReady assessment window starts next week.  So that no curricular area is adversely affected, and to show our students that all teachers take ownership of learning, all periods will be decreased by several minutes as a schoolwide testing period is created.

Since it is our students who take the assessments, we will provide them the option of which assessment to take first, ELA or Math, and they may even toggle between subjects until completion.  The schedule will be adhered to on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  So that students have the opportunity to perform their very best, we encourage students to be present and on time.  The iReady schedule follows:

Period 1

8:35 – 9:19 (44)

Period 2

9:23 – 10:05 (42)


10:05 – 10:15 (10)

Testing Block

10:19 – 11:29 (70)

Period 3 (Early Lunch)

11:34 – 12:14 (40)

Period 3 (Late Lunch)

11:34 – 12:20 (46)


12:20 – 12:50 (30)

Period 4

12:54 – 1:36 (42)

Period 5

1:40 – 2:22 (42)

Period 6

2:26 –  3:08 (42)


On a side note, with 1050 Chromebooks operating simultaneously, we hope that you can help us by providing your child with earbuds if at all possible on the testing days.  Of course we have a small supply of these in classrooms in the event students do not have their own.


A Goodwill Donation truck will be at RHMS on January 27th off the Pollard Loop between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm.  While Goodwill will collect items, a monetary donation will be made back to our RHMS PTA.  The dollar amount is based upon the cubic space the items total and will help offset the cost to support such activities as 6th grade Science Camp, a 7th grade Citizen Scientist field trip, and an 8th grade promotion activity.  Please log onto for more details about how to support the PTA as it works to support over 1,000 RHMS students.

Science Camp

Speaking of Science Camp, RHMS has sent two groups to Walden West this year.  While the weather was challenging last week, students were always under the watchful and supportive eyes of RHMS teachers and credentialed teachers from the Santa Clara County Office of Education.  We were in constant communication with the Walden West site, our teachers, and our district as the rains and winds increased.  With the support of our district, it was decided to send communication to all sixth grade families via email and phone messages.

So that communication of this nature arrives in a timely fashion regarding any situation, please make sure to update your phone numbers and email addresses with our office staff.  If for some reason we need to send immediate and mass communication to families, this is our district’s vehicle.

School Tours 

We were pleased to take approximately 150 parents and guardians on a tour of RHMS yesterday during CUSD’s Open Enrollment.  For those of you with younger children, please log onto the district website to ensure enrollment procedures are followed.  For those with children in 8th grade, the Campbell Union High School District (CUHSD) will send counselors to our site on February 4th to meet with everyone as they schedule our current students for high school classes.  Please contact CUHSD with any questions regarding intra and inter-district transfers, course descriptions, etc.

Cookies with the Counselors

In an effort to share information with parents about counseling themes this year and counseling classroom presentations, on February 7th RHMS will host two informational sessions for families.  Please RSVP at the following websites so that our counselors may gauge the size of the audience and find an appropriate location. 


Parent Education 

On January 30th from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm, Marshall Lane Elementary is hosting an evening for parents and guardians to participate in a discussion called Screen Time Battles: How to Avoid Them.  It is free to attend.  The speaker will discuss topics that include:

  • Learn the pluses & minuses of electronics – Smartphones, Gaming, Texting, Apps, YouTube.
  • What should you expect by age group – toddler, early elementary, middle and high school.
  • How electronics can affect brain development at different stages.
  • Get ideas on setting reasonable, age appropriate limits in your home without a fight.
  • Learn what parental controls you can use and what to know as your kids get older.
  • What to do when things get out of control.
  • Sexual content – what should you know as a parent.


Final stages of construction at RHMS are in the works.  This includes the installation of lighting in the new parking lot adjacent to Pollard Road and grass seeding of a portion of our fields.  Fields are scheduled to be graded this Friday.  Once prepared and seeded, the spring rains will ensure that our fields will be in use when school starts in August.  Home soccer games will again be played at home, and our Physical Education Department will have access to all field space.  In the interim, we are looking at what we can temporarily do to the track’s infield so that it may be a safe and viable alternative.

In Closing 

Thank you for all you do in support of your children and our students.  It is gratifying to witness the individual and collective growth of students and staff thus far this year.  With another eighteen or so weeks of school, we are eager to continue our work at providing an engaging learning environment for all.

Updated Wed, Jan 23rd

Be part of a great team!

Shifts: 6:00am-2:30pm & 2:30pm-11:00pm. 
Rate: $21.03 per hour.

Updated Wed, Jan 30th

Register Now for the 2019-2020 School Year.
Evening Help Wed., Feb. 13, 2019

Convenient online registration for elementary and middle schools.

Special staff hours for in-person assistance and public-access computers
• Monday–Friday
: 8a-4p
• Evening Hours -  Feb. 13: 8a-7p
 (corrected date!)

See our enrollment page for answers to frequent questions about elementary and middle school enrollment.

Or call our enrollment desk: 408-364-4200.

Bell Schedule

  • Period 18:35–9:33
  • Period 29:37–10:31
  • Break10:31–10:41
  • Period 310:45–11:39
  • Period 411:43–12:41
  • Lunch12:41–1:11
  • Period 51:15–2:10
  • Period 62:13–3:08
  • Period 18:35–9:23
  • Period 29:27–10:11
  • Break10:11–10:21
  • Period 310:25–11:09
  • Period 411:13–12:01
  • Lunch12:01–12:31
  • Period 512:35–1:20
  • Period 61:24–2:08

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