Core Academics

New ideas. New concepts. New skills.

Middle school is when students explore core subjects more deeply and discover new interests and skills that may continue through high school and beyond. Our teachers provide strong core academic instruction through their broad knowledge of the subject matter, standards-based curriculum, and creative lesson design. 

Common Core English Language Arts requires students to read, write, speak, listen, and use language effectively as well as develop literacy skills through literature and more complex informational... Learn More
Common Core Mathematics requires our students to do much more than memorize math facts and formulas. The Common Core State Standards demand that students are able to apply their knowledge of... Learn More
Students spend a lot of time in classrooms at school but getting outside and being active is just as important. Physical Education is mandated by the State of California. Students in elementary... Learn More
Exciting changes are coming in science as we begin to understand and eventually implement the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). California has adopted a new set of standards which focus on... Learn More
Common Core Standards for history/social studies require students to read, write, speak, listen, and use language effectively as well as develop literacy skills through literature and more complex... Learn More
Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, & Mathematics—is more than just the subjects in its name. It’s about blending those disciplines in ways that promote collaboration, communication,... Learn More
Girls Lockerroom · Physical Education / Adapated Physical Education
Website  callen [at]

A2 · 7th Math
Website  KAlsup [at]

D-1 · 6th Grade
Website  mbeddo [at]

B5 · 6th Grade Teacher - Language Arts, ELD, Literature & Social Studies
Website  JBell [at]

A2 · 7th Grade English
Website  lbertolucci [at]

B-8 · 6th Grade History/Social Studies, Language Arts, & Reading
sburbank [at]

J7 · 7th Grade Science & AVID Coordinator
Website  sdavis [at]

6th Grade, Math, Science, PE
Website  edonovan [at]

Room E-3 · 7th & 8th Math
Website  KEricsson [at]

A3 · 7th Grade Social Studies
Website  mfirenze [at]

B-4 · 6th Grade
Website  jhernandez [at]

J-3 · Classroom Teacher - Physical Science
Website  RGeorgakas [at]

Classroom Teacher - Life Science
Website  SGhorbani-kazaz [at]

G-1 · 7th Grade Math
LGulamerian [at]

6th Grade Language Arts, Literature, Social Studies
Website  gharrington [at]

8th Grade Social Studies
Website  jaharris [at]

E6 · 8th Grade ELA
CKunz [at]

Physical Education Teacher
Website  TLinda [at]

E-5 · 8th Grade English Language Arts & English Language Development
MNaeole-takasato [at]

M4 · Intervention Teacher
Website  GNishihara [at]

E-1 · 8th Grade Math
Website  JNordin [at]

B-1 · 6th Grade
Website  eperris [at]

A5 · 6th Grade
Website  CPugliese [at]

J-8 · 8th Grade Science
Website  sraghu [at]

A-7 · 7th Grade ELA
Website  RRamos [at]

Physical Education
pstapes [at]

J-4 · STEAM Educator
ctibbs [at]

E7 · Teacher - 8th Grade English Language Arts & Social Studies
VValdez [at]

E-2 · 8th Grade Math
Website  mvelasco [at]

E8 · 8th Grade Social Studies
Website  cweber [at]