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Homework and Announcements Last update: 4/1/2020

From here on out I will be using Google Classroom for assignments and collecting assignments.  Remeber you may share your work with me but for your work to be counted make sure you submit it to Google Classroom.  Make sure you keep an eye on Google classroom and Your new student emails.  I will also leave some links below on how to operate Google Classroom.

1. How to use Google Classroom for parents and students...
2. How to submit assignments on Google Classroom for teachers and students...
3. How to submit a photo to Google Classroom for students...
4. How to email students, grading, and other Google Classroom info for teachers...
Firenze History File:

Firenze History File

After School Appointments

After School help is by appointment.  Feel free to email me or ask me after class.


Extra Credit Event:

Extra credit events will be listed here.  An extra credit event, is an event or activity that has to do with something we are learning about.  Some examples would be a Renaissance fair, curtain art or museum exhibits, play, culture fair, etc. Extra credit option must be complete during a student's 7th grade school year.  Options for extra credit will be listed here. Students may also suggest extra credit events as well but they must be approved ahead of time.   Students are allowed two extra credit events per trimester.  To Receive extra credit students must produce some sort of evidence that they have attended an event.  This evidence could be anything from a receipt to a Photo of you there having fun. Finally when choosing events I prefer students find events they would not be required to do every year.  The idea behind an extra credit event, is for kids to experience new things and cultures. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Examples of Past, current, and future events

 1. If you don't normaly celbrate lunar New year, then go to a lunar new year event.

2. Northern California Renaissance Faire:

3. Cherry Blossom festival

      1. Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival 

      2. Cupertino Cherry Blossom Festival 

4. Alot of events in Little Italy check with me before you go:

5. St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox church puts on a Greek Festival once a year.  Check their website for dates.

6. Remeber you can come up with your own event just make sure you tell me before you go.