Firenze Social Studies

5. Homework and Announcements 6/6/18

1. Read Chapters 7,8,10 &11 Renaissance in your MEMT (Medieval and Early Modern Times)

2. Make sure you finish all classroom notes before the end of the unit test and notecheck.

3. The Renaissance Test will be Thursday the 7th.

4. Final day to turn in all late no name or missing work will be Thursday June 7th

5. Books for all my classes are Due Friday  the 8th. locks for my first period class are due the same day.
6.If you have headphones, please bring them.
Most notes and directions can be found in the:

Firenze History File

After School help is by appointment.  Feel free to email me or ask me after class.


Extra Credit Event:

Extra credit events will be listed here.  An extra credit event, is an event or activity that has to do with something we are learning about.  Some examples would be a Renaissance fair, art exhibit, play, culture fair, etc.  Extra credit option must be complete during a student's 7th grade school year.  Options for extra credit will be listed here.  Students may also suggest extra credit events as well but they must be approved ahead of time.   Students are allowed two extra credit events per trimester.  To Receive extra credit students must produce some sort of evidence that they have attended an event.  This evidence could be anything from a receipt to a Photo of you there having fun.  Finally when choosing events I prefer students find events they would not be required to do every year.  The idea behind an extra credit event, is for kids to experience new things and cultures.  If you have any questions feel free to ask.

 1. Holi Festival:  Mercury news 

2. Chinese new year events: San Jose, San Francisco

3. While we study Japan and China you may visit the Asian Art Museum for extra credit.

4. Cherry blossom Festival San Francisco april 14th-22nd

5.Cupertino Cherry Blossom Festival: April 28th-29th