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Welcome to my 7th Grade history web page.  On my webpage you will find information on what we're doing, updates, and of course homework.  So please stop by often to make sure your up to date with class.  Due to some issues with the notification feature, I will be posting my homework updates at my old webpage and this page as well.  For now plaease sign up for the notifcation at the top left corner of my old webpage.  I will post an update there once the notification feature is working.

Please read the syllabus/greensheet

Here is the back to school night powerpoint

If you need to contact me:

My Room is: A3

email: mfirenze [at]

call: (408) 341-7000 x5103

Webpage sections and features


The homework section will update you on the latest homework in my class including the chapter you should be studying.  The date in the title indicates the last time the page was edited.  This page also includes extra credit events you and your family can attend.  Remember you can only attend two events per trimester.  Don't forget if you find an event let me know before you go so I can share it with the class.

Classroom activty file:

Electronic work files are located in the Classroom Shared File.  Students will use this file to access electronic copies of their class work.  the link for the drive is found in the Links and document section.

Links and Documents: Links to important webpages and documents can be found under the section.  This section also includes how to videos as well. 

Misc. Information

power school symbols: Here is an explantion of the sybols I use on powerschool.

Green Check= work recieved and grading is in process.  usally used for projects

Yellow M= Work is missing (Students can still turn in work if a zero is placed in this catagory)

Red L= work was turned in late

EX= Exempt, assignment will not count towards final grade.

Medieval and Early Modern Times: Here is the link and password loggin information for the Textbook. I will be handing out hard copies in the coming weeks.

Username: dsmmca06

Password: ulhdakz9

Class Donations

Colored 8 1/2 X 11 printer paper: 

Facial Tissues

Final Notes

After School help is by appointment.  Feel free to email me or ask me after class.