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Upcoming Events

September Updates

Back-To-School Night Link, Survey Announcement, Student-to-Student Email

We're almost a month into the 2020-2021 school year.  Last night's Back-To-School Night was a success, with hundreds of families logging in to participate in homeroom Zoom meetings and watch videos from our teachers, plus an administrators' welcome.  If you missed our event, we invite you to watch the contents of the slideshow linked here.

In School Messenger this week, we are asking for our families to give us feedback about their experiences with Distance Learning so far.  This is a link to that survey.  We invite you to help us continuously improve our efforts for your children.

In homeroom, our students have learned about the value and guidelines of writing Email.  We have heard from families about the need to help our students connect to each other in Distance Learning.  Beginning today, students will be able to collaborate with one another via school Email.  The protocol for student Email addresses is very straightforward.  We invite you to review your family's expectations for Email use with your child, and we want to remind you that student communication is monitored by a safety screening system.

Virtual Back to School Night 9/16 at 6:30 pm

Recognizing that this year looks different, we will have aspects of Back to School Night both live and pre-recorded. We hope to "see" you there!

Asking neighboring schools and parents about their Back to School Night experiences this year, we've decided to feature the best of both worlds... some live aspects and some that are pre-recorded, able to be viewed at a later date and time.  This allows families with multiple children and other families with competing commitments time to "breathe."

Starting at 6:30 pm, Wednesday 9/16, your child's homeroom teacher will lead introductions and general summaries.  Homeroom teachers are available to answer potential questions as the Zoom links will remain open until 7:15.  During this timeframe, homeroom teachers will post a link to a Google Slideshow in the chat.  The slideshow  features individual iMovies, Screencasts, and YouTube videos from school administration and teachers for parents to follow at their leisure.

Homeroom teachers will email families the BTSN Homeroom Zoom link by Tuesday evening.  Please be sure to check the emails you provided and hopefully keep updated with CUSD.

BSTN will officially end by 7:15, and at 7:30 our RHMS PTA will have its first September Zoom meeting for anyone to join.  The code will be attached in the Google Slideshow.

Though not the same as welcoming over 1,000 adults to our campus, we are eager to share our message.

Ted Cribari and Amy Vanderbosch

Fall i-Ready Assessment Starts Wednesday

iReady Assessments will be taken in homeroom tomorrow.

Students will remain online with their homerooms Wednesdays, September 9 and September 16.  Homeroom teachers will be proctoring the iReady assesssments following the attached schedule.   

We are requesting that students keep cameras on during the testing session to ensure appropriate testing conditions.  Additionally, students are to use district-issued chromebooks and log-in credentials to allow for prompt tech support and improved security.

Chromebook Acting Funny?

While a homeroom teacher may be able to support students, please refer to this video to submit immediate technical support needs.

Following directions in this silent video will help our computer technicians support our students remotely or from school. Students should log on using their CUSD credentials, detailing the issue they're experiencing.

Watch video.


RHMS Q and A and More!

In an effort to continually support our learners, we have compiled several important resources, many of which are unique to RHMS.

Log in issues?  We have two suggestions...

  1. Connect to the student WiFi and let your Chromebook sync with "us."  You may access the student WiFi from the RHMS campus parking lots or around the lobby of the front office.
  2. "Enter" the Chromebook using this unique pathway.

If Zoom links are not present on Google Classroom for Homeroom, periods 1, 3, or 5, please directly email your teacher.  You may also contact the office Monday morning with questions.  Please be patient as we aim to support everyone in this endeavor.

We recognize there are many questions.  We have compiled a short list of those most frequently asked.  See our Q and A here.

For those seeking support in with Distance Learning from home, we encourage you to read  our Guide to Distance Learning for Families in English or view in Spanish here.

As much of our instruction and student learning will be conducted on Zoom, we have a document for all to see.  There are expected behaviors and protocols.  Please read the contents here. 

Additionally, we have a digital RHMS Distance Learning Student Handbook this year that features information, including important dates, phone numbers, and the like.