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Upcoming Events

Reporting Absences

408-341-7061.... Call Attendance when reporting an absence or picking up for an appointment


To report an absence, or if you'll be signing your student out early for an appointment

Academic Award Certificates

Proud of our students' achievement on so many levels, Academic Award Certificates are being distributed to students via sixth period on Thursday!

Please check your child's backpack for a first trimester academic award.  Our second trimester continues through March 6, 2020.

Dine Out - Pizza My Heart

Join RHMS families at this month's PTA Dine Out family night!

Join us at Pizza My Heart
Thursday December 12th
850 El Paseo de Saratoga in San Jose

30% of all food purchases will be donated back to RHMS

! Valid for Dine in or Take Out !

Tell the cashier you're with RHMS when you order

Toy Drive

Bring an unwrapped new toy for a local child

We're still collecting for the Campell Community Toy Program!  

Students are encouraged to bring in a new, unwrapped toy for a child ages 10 - 14.  Toys can be dropped off in the toy box in the RHMS office.

Thank you for sharing during this holiday season!

Safety Reminder

It's important for our students to be safe and respectful as they arrive to school and return home.

We’d like to take a moment to share a concern from our local community.  Merchants and patrons at La Rinconada Shopping Center continue to contact RHMS with details of student behaviors and their safety.

Running across Pollard, dodging cars in the parking lot, and showing outward signs of disrespect to store owners and employees is a growing concern.

Upon the end of our school day, we encourage your child to safely walk or bike home immediately or meet you at a nearby location.  Loitering within and around stores tends to create issues that we’d like our students to avoid.

We pride ourselves on our students’ behaviors and hope that you may have a conversation with your child reinforcing this.