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Upcoming Events

Distance Learning May 26th

Quick reminders for all students and families regarding our end of the year plans.

We hope your Memorial Day weekend was relaxing.  Our video this week has a few reminders for our students and families regarding end of the year plans, and for our sixth and seventh graders a request to complete the elective sign-up link that teachers placed into Google Classroom and/or SeeSaw last week.

RHMS Announcements

We have lots to share, including methods to wind down this school year, honor our 8th graders, and plan for the upcoming 2020-2021 year.

Hello, families!  We know there are many questions, as we find ourselves halfway through May.  We are pleased to share a variety of video messages this week to help clarify what we know and how families and students may prepare.

A summary of our methods to wind down the school year is here for all see.  Video for all.

Information that is specific to our 8th graders is here for all to see.  Video for 8th grade.

Information that is specific to our 6th and 7th graders is here for all to see.  Video for 6th and 7th grade.

While the video announcements will help clarify our end-of-the-year plans, flyers with specific details will be shared on a variety of platforms with students and guardians by Wednesday afternoon of this week.  Platforms will include Google Classroom, SeeSaw, and email.

We hope you're all well.

Mr. Cribari and Mrs. Vanderbosch

Distance Learning May 11th 2020

What are the plans for this week and the future?

Welcome to the week of May 11th!  Here is a video aimed at sharing our goals for the week, as well as being open about planning for the end of this academic year and the opening of next year.

We are eager to continue our progress, working together to support everyone.

Enjoy your week, all!

Mr. Cribari and Mrs. Vanderbosch

Distance Learning May 4, 2020

The video shares information about the upcoming week.

Good morning, Eagles.  We are glad that you are online and reading this!  A video to preview is here.

This week, students will receive a Thought Exchange link to help us better understand what Distance Learning is like from the perspectives of our students.  It is vital that we hear from them, as we want to determine what has been successful and what we can improve upon for the remainder of the year.

Please make it a point to attend Zoom meetings that teachers host.  It is important to us that we stay connected with you!

We miss you.

Mr. Cribari and Mrs. Vanderbosch

California Healthy Kids Survey

We want to know how our students are doing and how they feel about school. The California Healthy Kids Survey is one way of knowing...

Students in seventh grade will be taking the California Healthy Kids Survey on May 11th.  This survey measures school connectedness, school climate, school safety, and student well-being.  The information from the survey helps us plan programs and activities aimed at supporting all students.
If you do not want your child to participate in this survey, please email or call Ms.  Vanderbosch at avanderbosch [at] by Friday May 11th.  A copy of the survey is below: