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Updated Wed, Apr 18th
Updated Thu, Apr 19th
Updated Thu, Apr 19th
Updated Thu, Apr 19th

Our 4th Annual
La Fiesta Parent Night
Saturday, May 5th

Get your tickets today at

Updated Wed, Apr 18th

Have you ordered your child’s yearbook yet? 

The final deadline to purchase a 2017-2018 yearbook is fast approaching. The final day to purchase this year’s book of memories is Friday, May 18th. We have a very limited supply of yearbooks still available and we WILL sell out! The cost for the yearbook is just $45.


Don’t wait! Order your child’s yearbook TODAY at
Remember to select the Rolling Hills Middle School in Los Gatos when purchasing the book.

If you have any questions, please contact our yearbook advisor at lbertolucci [at]

Updated Thu, Apr 19th

Updated Thu, Apr 19th
Some guidelines for testing this year:
  • Please be sure your child has a good night’s sleep
  • Make sure you child has breakfast & is well hydrated
  • Arrive to school on time
  • Please try to avoid appointments
  • Refer to the testing calendar online for testing dates & times
  • Students are allowed to use their personal earbuds from home (Yay!)
Electronics must be powered off and in a separate location from your student and their test. We would like to encourage you to have your child keep their Apple/smart watch and phones at home. They will be required to place them in their backpacks. They may not be in their pockets, or on their person during the test. These statewide guidelines are included in our testing protocol.
Thank you for partnering with us regarding your child’s education,
Cynthia L. Dodd
Updated Tue, Apr 17th

More than 1,600 people participated, providing thoughts, ideas, and questions for the district leadership.

Input from parents, staff and other community members is very important to us in Campbell Union School District. Working closely with our community is essential to ensuring that the needs of all students are met. 

In January, we added ThoughtExchange—a new, online way for our community to engage and communicate with us about our district and schools. See the results here.

The response rate for this first-time, online forum was high, with more than 1,600 people generating and rating more than 2,700 thoughts, ideas, and questions for us. Results from this and future ThoughtExchanges will inform our goals and decisions for the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP), our Profile of a Graduate, and other initiatives aimed at providing an education beyond the expected.

Thank you for engaging in this new way to converse with us.

Updated Mon, Apr 16th

This Week

Spring Scholastic Book Fair

Tuesday - Friday
Students can visit the Fair at lunch, and after school until 3:30 (2:30 on Wednesday)
Parents may come any time during the day
Just check in at the school office

Updated Mon, Apr 16th
Updated Wed, Apr 4th

District Governing Board urges lawmakers to support greater school safety through increased funding and “common sense gun reforms.”

At their March 29 meeting, the elementary school district trustees passed Resolution 2017-18-25 calling on state and federal legislators to do more to bolster funding for services that support students’ mental, physical and emotional health and protect students from gun violence. 

“Gun violence on school campuses, while relatively rare, represents a particularly egregious and unacceptable threat to the lives of students, teachers, and staff across the country,” the resolution states. 

Prompted by the February 2018 mass shooting at a Florida high school, the resolution cites data about bullying, harassment, and student access to guns, and it asserts students’ and staff’s rights to safety at school. 

The resolution also requests for adequate funding to support students social and emotional needs in addition to their academic achievement.

“Our District partners with community health services to help students and families who need support with social-emotional and other non-instructional issues,” said Superintendent Shelly Viramontez. “The costs of educating and supporting students have been rising faster than state and federal funding, making it difficult to provide services that allow our teachers to teach while students get support for their social-emotional well-being.” 

A copy of the full resolution is available on the district’s website.

Updated Thu, Apr 5th

Report harassment, vandalism, bullying and suspicious activities.

Campbell Union School District announces its new Quick Tip system to support safety at its 12 elementary and middle schools.

There are three ways to access the Quick Tip system:

While reports can remain anonymous, providing contact information can assist greatly with the investigation.

Updated Mon, Apr 16th

Safety & Communication!
Please remember that your children are still children - even though they seem so mature at times.   Remind them to follow the laws when biking to school - always wear a helmet, ride at a safe speed and in the same direction as traffic,  cross legally (not in the middle of the street).

Also, remember that your children still need you in their lives. While they might roll their eyes and say “nothing” when you ask what they did at school today, they really do have things to share with you. Ask them who they’re hanging out with at school & where they go after school. Ask if they had a group project in their class, and who was in their group. You’ll find they might initially be reluctant to talk about the social aspects of their day, but that’s where a large part of their focus is at this age. The important part of including yourself in their lives is listening and not always judging- which is difficult but necessary.

Good communication is what creates a strong supportive environment for everyone.

Have a wonderful Spring Break!

Cynthia Dodd
Principal, RHMS

Bell Schedule

  • Period 1 8:30–9:27
  • Period 2 9:31–10:25
  • Break 10:25–10:35
  • Period 3 10:38–11:33
  • Period 4 11:37–12:31
  • Lunch 12:31–1:01
  • Period 5 1:05–1:59
  • Period 6 2:03–2:57
  • Period 1 8:30–9:27
  • Period 2 9:31–10:25
  • Break 10:25–10:35
  • Period 3 10:38–11:33
  • Lunch 11:33–12:03
  • Period 4 12:06–1:01
  • Period 5 1:05–1:59
  • Period 6 2:03–2:57
  • Period 1 8:30–9:15
  • Period 2 9:18–10:03
  • Break 10:03–10:13
  • Period 3 10:17–11:01
  • Period 4 11:05–11:49
  • Lunch 11:49–12:19
  • Period 5 12:23–1:07
  • Period 6 1:11–1:55

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