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Professional Development for a staff of 40 teachers, two dozen para-educators, and two adminstrators is always ongoing.  At our November 1st professional development, teachers spent time engaging in... engaging instructional techniques, social-emotional learning, and bias in the educational system.  Below are some photographs of highly engaging instruction, including a Socratic Seminar in Social Studies 8 and a group math challenge as a warm up in Math 6, featured on our campus today.

As we aim to meet the emotional needs of our students, we recently shared counseling links for parents to consider on ParentSquare.  Those links may be accessed here in English and here in Spanish.

While we embark upon our second trimester, soon to experience a week of vacation, we hope that all families are able find a moment to do something good for themselves, and equally important, someone else.

We are thankful for your continued partnership at RHMS and look forward to being with your children again on Monday, November 29th.

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Updated 21 min 57 sec ago

CUSD offers an optional insurance plan that will protect Chromebooks against an assortment of damages and will provide full replacement cost coverage.  This policy is also transferable to a replacement unit.  Please click here to learn more about the optional $30 insurance policy.

CUSD will be moving to ParentSquare, a communication tool.  In order to connect with our community, we encourage you to enroll.  Please follow these instructions to sign up.


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We want all of our students to be in the moment and enjoy their experiences.  We want our students to grow and flourish this year.  We want our 8th graders to thrive as 8th graders.

We also recognize that the slow transition to high school starts in the coming months, and that transition is already on people's minds.  Campbell Union High School District is a different district than the Campbell Union (Elementary) School District.  CUHSD serves parts of CUSD, Moreland, Los Gatos, Saratoga, Union, Cambrian, and potentially a few others.  Communication is vital, as registering students from so many feeder sites is no simple undertaking.

In an effort to communicate with families, we've added two flyers that are directly from CUHSD and may answer questions.

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While having concerts on campus is our goal, we are proud to present these recordings.  The digital poster that presents the opening is a result of our new Digital Arts class, where students created designs using an array of digital tools.  The winning design was by Bella Hsieh.

Click to view our Fall Concert.

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With Halloween nearly upon us, we want to remind families of our expectations for Friday.  Please know that while we want our students to enjoy the day, we expect students to be mindful of their costumes and arrive prepared to learn, just like any other day.  Costumes are certainly not required, but may be worn provided they are appropriate... free of gore and violence, free of harassment and hate, free of references to drugs and alcohol.  Students who choose to wear costumes that detract from the learning environment or create an atmosphere that may disrupt our goal of engagement and education will be asked to change.  Questions?  Please contact the office.  We will share these expectations with students on Thursday.

While there is no school Monday, November 1st, teachers will be on site diving deeper into three topics... Behavior, Bias, and Instruction.  It is our goal to analyze the previous ten weeks of school and plan for upcoming weeks that benefit more and more students.

The end of our trimester is November 10th.  Please pay particular attention to PowerSchool and remain connected to teachers.  At the start of our second trimester, students with certain "wheel" exploratories will experience a single period schedule change.  Students will be made aware of the change in advance.

We continue to receive concerns from Safeway and establishments at our neighborhood shopping center.  We ask that families are very clear with children regarding safe routes home and the behaviors that stores in the shopping center expect of youthful customers.

We appreciate our community's efforts at supporting each other as we inch our way back to a more socially open educational setting.  We are thrilled that we are able to safely engage in classrooms, eat at school, participate in sports, and join clubs.  Thanks for all you do!

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Please be sure to visit Lifetouch to order your student's fall school picture.  

Student's School ID or Picture Day ID is  EVT4C679D


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Greetings RHMS parents,

Our Scholastic Book Fair will continue online through October 17, 2021.

Visit our Book Fair Home page:

Book Trailers
E Wallet
All purchases benefit our school and connect kids with new books, favorite characters, complete series, and more.
Happy reading!


Thank you for your support,

Gail Panus

RHMS Library Staff

1-408-364-4235 x 5188

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The month of October is Dress Up Fridays and lunchtime activities.  Themes are below.  Show your spirit!

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Dear RHMS families,
The 2021-2022 Yearbook is still on sale at the lowest price of the year! 
This year’s book will have many special memories as we celebrate being back on campus and share the joy as students participate in all the events this year brings.
The special low price of $45.00 is good from now through November 12, 2021, so order your yearbook TODAY at
If you have any questions, please contact me at the email address below.

Lori Bertolucci

Yearbook Advisor
lbertolucci [at]