Updated Mon, Jun 5th

This week, students will be showing off all of their drama skills by rehearsing and performing a scripted scene.  Last Friday, students chose their scene partner and together they selected the scene they would like to perform.  This week, they will stage and rehearse their scene, with all groups performing on Friday!

Updated Tue, May 30th

Students will continue working on their improv theatre skills this week through various games and skits.

This week's vocabulary terms: Set, Costume, Objective, and Action.

Updated Tue, May 30th

This week, we will begin our Improv Theatre unit!  Students will learn the four rules of improv and hone their improv skills through different activities and games.  

This week's vocabulary terms: Characterization, Cheat Out / Open Up, Improvise, and Breaking Character.

Updated Tue, May 16th

We will be wrapping up our unit on Theatre in Ancient Greece this week.  Students will finish reading a modern adaptation of "Antigone", along with learning the history of theatre in Greece.  We will end our week by designing our own Greek Mask!

Updated Tue, May 9th

This week we will be starting a new unit on theatre in Ancient Greece.  Students will learn about the origins of western theatre while doing a group study of a modern-day adaptation of "Antigone" by Sophocles.