Drama II

Classroom News and Information

Updated Mon, Jun 5th
Updated Mon, Jun 5th
Updated Mon, Jun 5th

This week, students will be wrapping up their Directing Unit by having their actors perform their scenes.  Group A Directors will have their scenes performed on Wednesday and Group B Directors will have their scenes performed on Thursday.  On Friday, we plan to celebrate our amazing year together by having a small pot-luck celebration!

Leading Walk-Arounds:

Monday - Leon B.

Tuesday - Adolfo C.

Leading Warm-Ups:

Monday - Garrett D. / Natalie M.

Tuesday - Alex W. / Jordan B. + Greg R.

Updated Tue, May 30th

Students are continuing to work on their directing unit.  Scenes have been selected and read-through; they are now beginning to work on blocking and memorizing their lines.

Leading Walk-Arounds:

Wednesday: Michael D. / Anthony W.

Thursday: Maddie S.

Friday: Garrett D.

Leading Warm-Ups:

Wednesday: Clivia N. & Summer S. / Natalie M.

Friday: Yuval B. & Roy D. / Andrew G. & Edwyn M.

Updated Tue, May 30th

This week, students will begin their final unit: directing!  Students will be working in pairs to select a short scene to direct their peers in.  Students will be acting in scenes for their peers as well.

Leading Walk-Arounds:

Tuesday: Roy / Vanessa L.

Thursday: Gillean / Alex R.

Leading Warm-Ups:

Wednesday: Corey & Connor / Vanessa L. & Alex R.

Friday: Izzy & Michael D. / Jordan & Greg

Updated Tue, May 16th

This week, we will be finishing our class read-through of a complete script.

Leading Walk-Around:

Monday - Yuval / Nicolas

Tuesday - Izzy / Peter

Wednesday - none

Thursday - Clivia / Yi Xuan

Friday - none

Leading Warm-Ups:

Tuesday: Maddie / Thulasi & Belle

Thursday: Rosie & Jocelyn / Nicolas