Updated Mon, Jun 5th

This week, students will be wrapping up their Directing Unit by having their actors perform their scenes.  Group A Directors will have their scenes performed on Wednesday and Group B Directors will have their scenes performed on Thursday.  On Friday, we plan to celebrate our amazing year together by having a small pot-luck celebration!

Leading Walk-Arounds:

Monday - Leon B.

Tuesday - Adolfo C.

Leading Warm-Ups:

Monday - Garrett D. / Natalie M.

Tuesday - Alex W. / Jordan B. + Greg R.

Updated Tue, May 30th

Students are continuing to work on their directing unit.  Scenes have been selected and read-through; they are now beginning to work on blocking and memorizing their lines.

Leading Walk-Arounds:

Wednesday: Michael D. / Anthony W.

Thursday: Maddie S.

Friday: Garrett D.

Leading Warm-Ups:

Wednesday: Clivia N. & Summer S. / Natalie M.

Friday: Yuval B. & Roy D. / Andrew G. & Edwyn M.

Updated Tue, May 30th

This week, students will begin their final unit: directing!  Students will be working in pairs to select a short scene to direct their peers in.  Students will be acting in scenes for their peers as well.

Leading Walk-Arounds:

Tuesday: Roy / Vanessa L.

Thursday: Gillean / Alex R.

Leading Warm-Ups:

Wednesday: Corey & Connor / Vanessa L. & Alex R.

Friday: Izzy & Michael D. / Jordan & Greg

Updated Tue, May 16th

This week, we will be finishing our class read-through of a complete script.

Leading Walk-Around:

Monday - Yuval / Nicolas

Tuesday - Izzy / Peter

Wednesday - none

Thursday - Clivia / Yi Xuan

Friday - none

Leading Warm-Ups:

Tuesday: Maddie / Thulasi & Belle

Thursday: Rosie & Jocelyn / Nicolas

Updated Tue, May 9th

Students are putting the final touches on their Design Portfolio!  After that, we will be doing a group reading of full-length script, allowing students to work on their vocal acting skills.


Monday - Connor / Thulasi

Tuesday - Corey

Wednesday - Colin / Edwyn

Thursday - Alex / Andrew

Friday - Walten


Tuesday - Gillean & Quinn

Wednesday - Ojas & Mark

Thursday - Leon & Adolfo

Friday - Anthony