Harrington Social Studies, Language Arts, Lit 6th Grade

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Classroom News and Information

Updated Mon, May 21st

Language ARts:

Hurdle due this week

Social Studies;

Roman coin due tomorrow


Final AR independent reading quiz due no later than June 8

Extra credit Reading log due May 30

Updated Mon, May 14th

A complete packet with needed information was given at the beginning of testing.

Updated Mon, May 14th

Language Arts: Hurdle due next week

Figurative Language Book due Friday. We worked on it in class today and will have some time tomorrow.

Social Studies:


Literature: Extra credit reading log due May 30

Green has vocab quiz on Jaguar tomorrow

Updated Thu, May 10th

Last day to turn in late work.

Updated Thu, May 10th

Turn in any extra reading that has been completed in the last three weeks. Make sure the log is signed by parents. This will not be taken late as it is extra credit.

Updated Wed, May 2nd

Your child has a specific scheduled day to present. Please check with them when they are presenting. Your child received a worksheet with the directions on it two weeks ago. 

Updated Wed, May 2nd

Language Arts:

Hurdle Free Choice due May 21-25. 

Your child has a paper with the date of presentation and directions.

There will be very limited homework during testing. This is a great time to check what is missing and make anything up.

Social Studies:

None- check for any missing assignments and make up.


No reading log, but students should still read as they have an AR book test due by the end of the year. 

Updated Fri, Apr 27th

Langauge Arts: None

Social Studies: None

Literature: Reading log due May 2

Homework will be very limited for the next two weeks due to testing.

Updated Fri, Apr 27th

We will be on block scheduling for the next two weeks. Sixth graders take tests in Language Arts and Math.

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