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Welcome to the 2020-21 school year! I am looking forward to getting to know the kids and helping them to acquire the skills to 'do school', learn new information, build their social-emotional qualities and have some super fun!

Please note that I share your students with my teaching partner, Mrs. Harrington. Go to her page here. She teaches Language Arts and Social Studies, while I cover Math and Science. We will be teaching PE and FLEX together.  We label the 2 groups as GOLD and GREEN. GREEN are the HOMEROOM students I begin with at the start of the day. GOLD begins with Mrs. Harrington. These 2 groups of students are our HOMEROOMS. Please note that we cover the same information for all students in this 20 minute time. 

PLEASE email me at cpugliese [at] if you have any questions.

Classroom News and Information

Updated Fri, Oct 19th

Math L4.3 #15,16,18 division of fractions word problems

Quiz L4.2-4.2 multiplication and divsion of fractions - words problems from HW 

Tutoring on Tuesday ONLY this week - ice cream too!

Updated Fri, Oct 19th

3:15-4:00 tutoring

4:00-4:45 walk to 31 Flavors bring your own money :)

Updated Fri, Oct 19th

Multiply and Divide fractions - including word problems made up from HW problems.

Updated Fri, Oct 19th

L4.3 worksheet #12-14

Study science vocab cards

IR: Heat and Energy due Monday - time in class to read and answer - will read and discuss on Friday in class

Updated Wed, Oct 17th

L4.2-4.3 Worksheet

Study 13 vocab cards - quiz will be in a couple of weeks

Updated Wed, Oct 17th

L4.3 Worksheet

Updated Thu, Nov 15th

This list is small compared to the number of students that need to be fed - there are 60 students and I would count 20-25 parents in addition.

 Please send in the Orange colored flyer sent home with the Parent Teacher conference folders. Thank you! 

We look forward to spending the afternoon with you and your family :)


Foo Foo - W. African 

Engeria - Ethiopian 

Meat Bourekas - Israeli

Sausage Rolls - English

Lasagna - Italian

Ethiopian dish

Crepes - Russian

Brussel Sprouts parm/butter

BBQ Ribs


Tomato Salad

Bread/Butter - Boudin French

Homemade Apple Sauce

Pasta Salad




Trifle - English

Banana Bread

Pecan Bars

Pumpkin Pie

Dessert - Gluten Free

Candy - Russian

Dessert - Russian

Pecan Pie


grahm crackers


Apple (2) - Lemonade (3)


cups and forks (2) 

plates (2)

Updated Wed, Oct 17th

Kids can bring in treats to share if they would like - we'll do an informal sign-up on the wall at school. 

Updated Mon, Oct 15th
Updated Mon, Oct 15th