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Welcome to the 2018-19 school year! I am looking forward to getting to know the kids and helping them to acquire the skills to 'do school', learn new information, build their social-emotional qualities and have some super fun!

Please note that I share your students with my teaching partner, Mrs. Harrington. Go to her page here. She teaches Literature, Language Arts and Social Studies, while I cover Math, Science and Physical Education. We label the 2 groups as GOLD and GREEN. GOLD are the students I begin with at the start of the day. GREEN begins with Mrs. Harrington. These 2 groups of students are our HOMEROOMS. Please note that we may give information that only applies to one group. 

PLEASE email me at cpugliese [at] if you have any questions.

I will make every attempt to update the homework blast daily. 

Classroom News and Information

Updated Tue, Nov 13th

Winter Feast Project help day :) 

Updated Tue, Nov 13th

Math: Winter Feast Project

Science: study vocabulary - 8 words

Updated Tue, Nov 13th

Students were given the assignment today - they will be provided M-Thursday in class to complete the 10 questions in typed format. They may turn the assingment in early before break or by the due date of Monday, November 26. Using classtime wisely means they will not have work over break - otherwise they are provided the 2 weeks to complete the assignment.

Updated Wed, Nov 7th
Updated Wed, Nov 7th

Covering multiplying and dividing by decimals.

Updated Wed, Nov 7th

Those who sold cookie dough recieved a bright green flyer today outlining the instructions for picking up cookie dough on Thursday, November 15 by 3:15 pm. Please check in with your student. 

Updated Wed, Nov 7th

Math: L5.4 Dividing with Decimals - remember, whatever you do to the outside, you do to the inside. Put the outside decimal to sleep!

P. 128 #3-6, 16-20

Science: complete lab questions if not done in class. 

Updated Mon, Oct 29th

math: practice of subbing decimals with Pattern Block worksheet  and place value on the backside. Kids has 1..5 periods to complete

science: none - sub for 5th period so they continued math worksheet

Updated Fri, Oct 26th

Back to Thursday - its permanent home uness the schedule changes :)

Updated Fri, Oct 26th

Heat Conduction in a Cup completed on Friday in class.