Cybele Pugliese

Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences, San Jose State University
Single Subject Teaching Credential, San Jose State University
Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, San Jose State University

About me:
I teach 6th Grade Math, Earth Science, and PE. Who wouldn't want the job of talking math and science ALL DAY LONG?? I love Mondays and all the fresh new faces ready to learn.
When my girls started school I spent all of my time in their classrooms, school garden, and PTA; which naturally lead into substitute teaching. Now I have my own little hobbit hole with rocks everywhere and kids who are eager to learn about the world around them. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. 

I have 2 daughters. My oldest recently graduated CalPoly San Luis Obispo after studing Anthropology/Ethnic Studies, plays soccer and field hockey and my younger is a Senior at Del Mar and plays tennis, soccer and badminton.

My favorite hobbies are rocks, minerals and more ROCKS! Wherever I go, I collect specimens and they are on display in my classroom for the students to handle. You can find me camping with my family in the Sierras or at the beach. We are a Lord of the Rings family at heart, and take our movie watching quite seriously - whether at home, walk-in, drive-in or summer beach nights. I love to read science magazines, but could be swayed by the right historical fiction or biography. I collect pins everywhere I go for my fishing hat, and I tend to channel Martha Stewart at party planning time!

The best way to reach me is my school email. I will message you back within 24 hours.