Cybele Pugliese

Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences, San Jose State University
Single Subject Teaching Credential, San Jose State University
Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, San Jose State University

About me:
I teach 6th Grade Math, Science, and PE. Who wouldn't want the job of talking math and science ALL DAY LONG?? I love Mondays and all the fresh new faces ready to learn.

When my girls started school I spent all of my time in their classrooms, school garden, and PTA; which naturally lead into substitute teaching. Now I have my own little hobbit hole with rocks everywhere and kids who are eager to learn about the world around them. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. 

I have 2 adult daughters - the lights of my life!

My favorite hobbies are rocks, minerals and more ROCKS! You can find me camping with my family in the Sierras or at the beach. I love to read science magazines, but could be swayed by the right historical fiction or biography. I collect pins everywhere I go and I tend to channel Martha Stewart at party planning time!

The best way to reach me is my school email. I will message you back within 24 hours.