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Updated Thu, Oct 11th

10/11 pgs 110,111,112 # 2,5,6,11,12,23,25,29,31

10/10 work sheet Star Flowers/ Comic

10/9 work sheet Animal Senior Citizens (÷ fractions, logic)

10/8 work sheet 4-4 side A/B all

10/4 work sheet 4-3 Dividing Fractions Complete one side. Show all work!

10/3 pgs 94,95,96 # 1,3,5,7,10,13,18

10/2 pgs 88-89 # 1-14 all (guided practice)

10/1 work sheet adding and subtracting fractions/ puzzles(optional)

9/27 work sheet Dentist (LCM) and Chickens coop (Multiples)

9/26 board work, or work sheet multiplying fractions.

9/25 pgs 82-83 Guided Practice #1 thru 10 and 18

9/24 pgs 76 all (Are you Ready?)