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Donovan Math

Math book this year is GO Math.

The book is available on line at:

Students use their school username and passwords to log in to book online.

For full credit in math you must show your work!

Don't forget any test or quiz can be corrected on a seperate sheet of paper showing all work and adding a sentence to improve to a B-.  Corrections need to be done by the end of the unit of study.

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Donovan Physical Education

New PE schedule! PE will now be for one week at a time.  Your child will need their PE clothes at school the Monday of their scheduled PE week. They will have PE everyday that week. The following week they will be with Mrs. Scamporrino for Reading/Lit. They will then rotate back to PE the week after.

You can find your childs PE weeks listed below.

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Donovan Science

Welcome to the Generic Subject Template page! Please click the links below to view your Calendar, Homework, News and Materials sections. There are setup steps and helpful hints on each page.

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Erin Donovan

Tuesday Jan 22 Meet in Gym at 8:35! Check in with your teacher! Packing list is available on the Walden West web site.

Reminder PICK UP AT NOON ON THE 25TH! Students are not allowed to walk home from school when they return from camp.

Conference forms and science camp forms whet home on 9/25. Please ask students for them if you have not seen them yet.

Welcome to my class page. Please select your class information from the pages below.

Your childs math book is available at :

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5/6 Eagle Band

The RHMS 5/6 Eagle Band is a group dedicated to the solid beginning of a musical education. During the first two weeks of class, students will learn how band class functions and will be able to sample instruments in order to select the right one for them. This ensemble will perform three concerts of exciting and challenging music and celebrate the end of the year with a movie party!

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7th English

I'm looking forward to a great year with the students. For copies of materials handed out in class, please check your child's Google Classroom account. Additional information may also be found at my additional website:     Thank you.

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After School

Sports Schedules will be announced the week of September 7th.  Our Athletic Director is coordinating schedules with the Directors at other Middle Schools and schedules will be announced soon!  

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Rolling Hills Middle School offers competitive sports for boys and girls; the sports offered are: cross-country, soccer, volleyball, track and field, basketball, field hockey and wrestling. Sport try-outs are advertised at school and on the morning announcements.

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Music energizes and enlivens learning.

Rolling Hills Middle School offers beginning, intermediate, and advanced band courses, and students have the opportunity to try a variety of instruments. Also, the RHMS band performs in several afternoon events, local community parades, and regional competitions.  They are graded on a range of musical elements, including instrument practice, playing tests, written tests, daily participation, and performances.

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Caitilin Weber

Welcome to Mrs. Weber's classroom page! Here you can find assignments, important links, documents, and resources. 

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