Wed., 31 August 2016

Essential Question: 

Who is in our class and what are the routines and expectations?

Assignments Collected:  

  1. Any late pink or green "Classroom Expectations" handouts with parent signatures


  1. 1 white piece of printer paper for individual poster for SOAR idea 

Class Work: 

  1. Behavior Flow Chart for Pg. 15 in Planner (per. 6 will do on Thursday)
  2. SOARing in the Classroom brain-storming ideas for poster activity
  3. Begin individual poster 

Homework Assignments: 

  1. Finish poster for SOAR: pick one idea (sticky note on class poster) for only one of the letters, and make a poster with that idea.  Write the phrase, and draw a picture for it, then add color.  Make it neat and so it can be read and seen across the room when it is up on the wall.  For example, "One person speaks at a time as other's listen." Could be for the R (What it sounds like when you "Respect myself and others"), then draw a picture to show that.  Remember to add color. :)  This is due tomorrow.