Thurs. 1 June 2017

Essential Question:

    What are the different characteristics of your ecosystem?

Assignments Collected:  

  1. Ecology Test Corrections and Reflections

New Handouts:    


Class Work:

  1. Review of Required 3” x 5” Speech Cards and Prep for Presentation

  2. Work on Ecosystems Team Research Presentation (See Google Classroom)

  3. Cite ALL sources in MLA format with Works Cited page! (See Google Classroom for examples)


  1. Ecosystems Slide Show Presentation (see Google Classroom) due Fri. 6/2/17

  2. Ecosystem Presentation to Class Mon. 6/5/17

  3. Speech Cards due Mon. 6/5/17

  4. Test Retakes (12, 13, Ecology) AFTER school TODAY