Thurs. 25 May 2017

Essential Question:

    What are the different characteristics of your ecosystem?

Assignments Collected:  


New Handouts:    


Bell Work:   


Class Work:

  1. Ecosystems Team Research Project (See Google Classroom)

    1. Make research notes (do not copy paste) on your part of #1-12 in your color font.

    2. Add images, diagrams, charts, tables, maps, pictures to show each of your facts

    3. Use “Tools” and “Explore” to cite your sources (it will be a footnote) as you research, including your images...

    4. Use "Command," "F" to "Find" a word on the document to narrow your search.


  1. Ecosystems Research (see Google Classroom) due Tues. 5/30/17

  2. Ecology Test Corrections and Reflections due Thurs. 6/1/17