Tues. 23 May 2017

Essential Question:

    What are the different characteristics of your ecosystem?

Assignments Collected:  


New Handouts:    

   Ecosystems Research Information Sheet 2017 H.O. (See Google Classroom too)

Bell Work:   


Class Work:

  1. New Seats

  2. Ecosystems Team Research Project and Presentation (See Google Classroom)

    1. Review “Ecosystems Research Information Sheet 2017” H.O.

    2. Reviewed Google Classroom Assignment instructions & 3 linked documents.

    3. Watched links on “Ecosystems Research Template”: Research Tools in Google Docs &  Google Docs: Research Tool & Easy Bib Add-on

    4. Teams picked ecosystem to research

    5. Teams decided who in the team would share the “Ecosystems Research Template” with the team and teacher, and add what the team decided on who would research which items and what color font for each person to write in.


  1.    Ecosystems Research (see Google Classroom) due Tues. 5/30/17