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Classroom News and Information

Updated Tue, Feb 14th
Updated Mon, Sep 26th

Monday 9/26/16: Finish Box Project and Bring with you Tuesday! (see materials or calendar if you need clarification)

Updated Mon, Sep 19th

Monday, 9/19/16

All grades: Finish chapter 2 prereading worksheet

Updated Mon, Sep 12th


All Grades: Read through project with your parents. If you forgot or lost your project assignment, see the materials page.

Updated Mon, Sep 12th

Today your social studies box projects are due! Don't forget that this assignment has 2 parts- the box you've created and either a paper or a presentation. We will be showing our work in class today. See attached assignment for your appropriate grade level if you've lost yours.

Updated Thu, Sep 8th


6th Grade: Imagine you are a historian and you discover a cave. Describe what you might find using words and pictures.

7th Grade: Make your own mosaic or mural. Get creative! Use any materials you want.

8th Grade: Imagine you are a Native American. Which climate would you live in and why? (Great Basin, Northwestern Coast, California, or Plateau)