Miss Perris' 6th Grade ELA, Reading, and Social Studies


Happy Wednesday,

Spring band concert TONIGHT from 7-9 pm.  Bake sale, Kona Ice, and hot dogs from 6:30 pm.
Mrs. Panus could STILL really use help with the Book Fair! 
A message from our librarian, Mrs. Panus:  
We will be having our Scholastic Spring Book Fair April 16-April 20, 2018. 

I am looking for volunteers for the following times:

Monday – Set up Book Fair – no help needed

We will open to the students:

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

1st Lunch – 11:40 – 12:20

2nd Lunch – 12:35 – 1:15

Wednesday – 11:50 – 12:35

Volunteers may contact me via email:  gpanus [at] campbellusd.org or phone: 408-364-4235 x 5188. 
Donations:  MANY, MANY students from all three (3) classes are coming in at break/lunch asking for a snack.  Your contributions are greatly appreciated!  
1.  Goldfish
2.  Pretzels
3.  Cheez-Itz
Homework for 4/4/18:

Language Arts (Perris only): 

*Review indefinite pronoun worksheet (5 mins.)  Parents:  You can quiz your children on the singular and plural indefinite pronouns.
Singular indefinite pronouns:  All the ones, things, and bodies (kids will understand this) AND each, every, either, neither, and another.
Plural indefinite pronouns:  Both, many, other, several, few, and fewer 
*Indefinite pronoun quiz TOMORROW.
*Continue to think about the “hook” for your argumentative essay

Language Arts (Chen only):  Complete the reading log

Social Studies (Perris only):  Complete Cornell notes summary (we already came up with the topic sentence in class.)  Students will need to write 5-6 sentences total.  If your child is in band, he or she can complete this assignment tomorrow night!  
Science (All):  Review the animal/plant cell worksheet for quiz on Friday.

Reading/Literature (Perris only):  Please read 30 MINUTES every day at home.  

If you want to find out if the book your child is reading is an AR book, please go to www.arbookfind.com.  Please have your child see me if he/she needs help with book selection.

Have a good night.
Miss Perris/Mrs. Donovan/Mr. Chen