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Welcome to the 2018-19 school year! I am looking forward to getting to know the kids and helping them to acquire the skills to 'do school', learn new information, build their social-emotional qualities and have some super fun!

Please note that I share your students with my teaching partner, Mrs. Harrington. Go to her page here. She teaches Literature, Language Arts and Social Studies, while I cover Math, Science and Physical Education. We label the 2 groups as GOLD and GREEN. GOLD are the students I begin with at the start of the day. GREEN begins with Mrs. Harrington. These 2 groups of students are our HOMEROOMS. Please note that we may give information that only applies to one group. 

PLEASE email me at cpugliese [at] if you have any questions.

I will make every attempt to update the homework blast daily. 

Classroom News and Information

Updated Mon, Oct 29th

Starting review sheet on Wednesday and correcting in class on Thursday - turn in on Friday for credit. 

Lessons 4.1-5.2

adding, subbing, multiplying and dividing fractions

adding and subbing decimals

long division - no decimals... yet!

Updated Fri, Oct 26th

Math: L5.2 Add/Sub Decimals p. 114 #5-8 and p. 117 #24-29 and REDO L5.2 p.110 #14 as a paragraph on lined paper (to be collected)

Unit Test #2 L4.1-L5.4 Friday

Tutoring back to Thursday - and icecream walk :)

Science: Lab today on Heat Conduction - finish the 6 questions on the back to use in writing up the lab report..

Vocab Quiz on Halloween - 13 vocab cards

Lab Report due on Friday

Updated Thu, Oct 25th

math - L5.1 p. 108 #6-8, 11-14 Estimation and long division - don't use remainers here. Continue with a decimal and 2 place values past the decimal

Science - study vocabulary for quiz on Halloween - quiz was moved from Monday to Wednesday

Updated Mon, Oct 22nd

Math practice of multiplication and division word problems worksheet - due Tuesday

Quiz for multip and division word problems on Wednesday

Tutoring 3:15-4:00

Practice science vocab words - turned in IR: heat and energy today.

Updated Fri, Oct 19th
Updated Fri, Oct 19th

Math L4.3 #15,16,18 division of fractions word problems

Quiz L4.2-4.2 multiplication and divsion of fractions - words problems from HW 

Tutoring on Tuesday ONLY this week - ice cream too!

Updated Fri, Oct 19th

3:15-4:00 tutoring

4:00-4:45 walk to 31 Flavors bring your own money :)

Updated Fri, Oct 19th

Multiply and Divide fractions - including word problems made up from HW problems.

Updated Fri, Oct 19th

L4.3 worksheet #12-14

Study science vocab cards

IR: Heat and Energy due Monday - time in class to read and answer - will read and discuss on Friday in class

Updated Wed, Oct 17th

L4.2-4.3 Worksheet

Study 13 vocab cards - quiz will be in a couple of weeks