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Welcome to the 2017-18 school year! I am looking forward to getting to know the kids and helping them to acquire the skills to 'do school', learn new information, build their social-emotional qualities and have some super fun!

Please note that I share your students with my teaching partner, Mrs. Harrington. Go to her page here. She teaches Literature, Language Arts and Social Studies, while I cover Math, Science and Physical Education. We label the 2 groups as GOLD and GREEN. GOLD are the students I begin with at the start of the day. GREEN begins with Mrs. Harrington. These 2 groups of students are our HOMEROOMS. Please note that we may give information that only applies to one group. 

PLEASE email me at cpugliese [at] if you have any questions.

I will make every attempt to update the homework blast daily. 

Classroom News and Information

Updated Wed, Dec 13th

Math - none. We had an Auction today and the kids had to keep record of how much they were spending from their accounts. Adding and subtracting as they sold and purchased each other's crapolla. 

They will complete L7.3 and 7.4 (Measurment Conversions) Thursday and Friday with the Mr. Gillie - the sub. There will be HW and it will be in their planners. I won't be posting HW in here until the beginning of January when Mrs. Gosland-Rotler takes over until 1/29/18.

Unit #3 MATH test is Wednesday 12/20 - Review packet will be started Monday 12/18

No Tutoring tomorrow Thursday 12/14.

Science - took the Heat Energy Quiz - They will be working on the HOLIDAY FEAST PROJECT for the remaining science class days until break. The final draft is due on Thursday 12/21. All unfinished work in class should be completed at home. This is an assessment as it contains standards that have been previously covered. 

Updated Tue, Dec 12th
Updated Tue, Dec 12th
Updated Tue, Dec 12th

Math - Holiday Graphiti page. Colored and cut out, ready for hanging in the classroom. 

If you were given your test corrections back, tomorrow is the last day to submit them for a grade impact. 

Science - Quiz on Heat Energy is tomorrow - vocab and graphic organizer for Solid, Liquid, Gas phase change and particle arrangement is covered. 

SOAR Bucks Auction tomorrow - bring in your crapolla to buy and sell!!!! 

Holiday Treats! You are welcome to bring in treats to share with the class  - low key :)

Updated Mon, Dec 11th

Math: Corrected L72 Guided Practice and assigned Independent Practice #9-17. They had 1/2 hour to work on it in class. I asked students to meet me at the back table if they wanted help. 3 from GOLD and 2 from GREEN came.... 

Science - Review sheet for the Quiz on Wednesday. Last day to turn in the Heat Enerfy Lab Sheet without penalty. Assessment grade so it's a grade a day deduction. 

Updated Thu, Dec 7th

Math - L7.1 Independent Practice - all problems - gave 30 min in class to complete - unfinished is HW.

Tutoring was a success for those who wanted help with their TEST CORRECTIONS FOR UNIT #2 - there were many 'helpers" in students who did well on the test and they were much appreciated <3 - all had hot chocolate and marshmallows! 

TEST CORRECTIONS are due tomorrow with parent signature - not accepted late - no exceptions - policy. 

Science - study vocab and graphic organizer for partical arrangement in solid, liquid and gas - quiz next Wednesday.

My last day is next Wednesday and the kids are welcomed to bring in holiday treats for after the quiz. 

Our tri-annual Auction will also happen on Wednesday - they should go through their old toys and stuff they no longer want but are willing to auction off to others - in general - their CRAPOLLA!! This is the time when they get to spend their earned SOAR BUCKS and earn more by selling their CRAPOLLA :)

Updated Wed, Dec 6th

Math - Unit #2 Tests were handed back today. If there is a pink Test Corrections sheet stapled to the front then THEY HAVE CORRECTIONS TO COMPLETE AND TO TURN IN BY FRIDAY.

There are specific instructions to follow in order to earn back your points. If completed correctly, signed by a parent and turned in BY FRIDAY, DEC 8 then they can earn back up to a score of 24/30 or a B-. 

THURSDAY TUTORING: will be specifically for TEST CORRECTIONS HELP. There is no Quiz on Friday... it will be next week sometime :) We will not be walking to ice cream... it's tooooo cold for me :) I will make them Hot Chocolate instead :)

Science - study 12 vocab words and Solid, Liquid, Gas phase change graphic organizer. It will be covered by the quiz next Wednesday. 

My last day will be next Wednesday, Dec 13. We will quiz science in the morning and PARTY and have an auction for the rest of the day :)

Updated Wed, Dec 6th

Math: L7.1 Ratio/Rates/Graphing #1-6 p. 176

Science: study vocab and Solid, Liquid, Gas phase change graphic organizer - need to know this infomation for the quiz next Wednesday.

Updated Mon, Dec 4th

Math: introduced L7.1 with Ready To Go On p. 170. I showed them  how to construct a coordinate graph appropriate for graphing equivalent ratios. We practiced and they have #9-12 to graph on their own.

Science: study vocab cards and Phase Change graphic organizer.

Tutoring Thursday will be for TEST CORRECTIONS - any student receiving a TEST CORRECTION SHEET attached to their Unit #2 test will BENEFIT from the help they will receive on Thursday afternoon - we won't be walking to ice cream... I will make hot chocolate and marshmallows :)

Updated Fri, Dec 1st

Math - none.  Quizzed L6.1-6.3 today.

Science - study 12 vocab cards nightly. This is more than they have had at one time for me... I will remind them every day to study. The quiz won't be until just before or after I leave.