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Welcome to the 2017-18 school year! I am looking forward to getting to know the kids and helping them to acquire the skills to 'do school', learn new information, build their social-emotional qualities and have some super fun!

Please note that I share your students with my teaching partner, Mrs. Harrington. Go to her page here. She teaches Literature, Language Arts and Social Studies, while I cover Math, Science and Physical Education. We label the 2 groups as GOLD and GREEN. GOLD are the students I begin with at the start of the day. GREEN begins with Mrs. Harrington. These 2 groups of students are our HOMEROOMS. Please note that we may give information that only applies to one group. 

PLEASE email me at cpugliese [at] if you have any questions.

I will make every attempt to update the homework blast daily. 

Classroom News and Information

Updated Thu, Nov 16th

Math - none

Science - none

Turkey Day tomorrow!!! Woo Hoo!!! All parents welcome to attend - the more the merrier :) 12:40-2:40

Come with empty bellies!

Updated Wed, Nov 15th

Math - none - didn't finish the lesson... :)

Science - complete the Atmosphere disc and turn in tomorrow - last assignment for science and trimester.

Updated Tue, Nov 14th

Turkey Day Potluck Update

Thank you thank you for sending in your confirmations - NOW IT'S A PARTY!!!!!!!

Hot Dishes

-       Chicken nuggets

-       Egg/sausage casserole

-       Cucumber & CA rolls

-       Pasta

-       Potato & Leek Soup

-       Pasta & tomato sauce (V)

-       Mashed potato & gravy

-       Pasta w/ veggies

-       Veggie bites

-       Rice w beef & seaweed

-       Meatballs

-       Spanish rice

-       Cheese noodles

-       Mashed potatoes

-       Stuffing

-       Chicken

Salad / Appetizers

-       Potato salad

-       Veggie tray (4)

-       Fruit tray

-       Fruit salad

-       Macaroni salad

-       Deviled eggs

-       Cheese and crackers


-       Hawaiian rolls/butter

-       Corn bread  (3)

-       Cheeto puffs


-       Cookies (6)

-       Banana samosas

-       Brownies

-       chocolate balls

-       donuts

-       cupcakes

-       apple pie

-       pumpkin pie

 Drinks / Supplies

-       plates

-       utensils

-       cups

-       capri suns

-       5 sparkling ciders

Parent Helpers now at : 17 

Set up = 5

Serve = 9

Clean up = 3

Thank you!!  

Updated Tue, Nov 14th

Tomorrow is the last day to turn in late work.... They were all reminded of that last week, yesterday and today :) 

Math - L6.1 Ratios HW IP p. 153-154 #11-18 and unfinished Guided Practice questions #1-10.

Science - Atmosphere Power Point and notes. Study the vocab cards for the QUIZ on Thursday.

Updated Mon, Nov 13th


We have only had 8 responses for the potluck :(

We cannot feed 60 kids and visiting adults with so little food...

Students have an ORANGE FLYER from last Thursday and a NEW green VERSION with the donation list.


I will update this list every day.

The current list:

Hot Dishes - chicken nuggets, egg/sausage casserole

Appetizers - deviled eggs, Hawaiian rolls/butter

Drinks - none

Desserts - cookies, brownies, dessert?, cookies, chocolate balls

Supplies - plates

The current volunteers: 

10:30 set up - 1 helper

12:40 serve - 3 helpers

2:40 clean up - 2 helpers


Updated Mon, Nov 13th

Math - took Unit Test #2 today - their brains are fried I am certain! Lot's of very important skills covered. We will start the L6 series tomorrow - Ratios/Rates - we have to get started before Thanksgiving break! 

Science - used it for students to complete the Unit test. Keep studying your vocabulary flashcards for the Earth's Atmosphere Quiz on Thursday :) 

Updated Wed, Nov 8th
Updated Wed, Nov 8th

Math - Reviewed Lessons from Moduals 4 and 5 - Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying and Dividing FRACTIONS and DECIMALS.

UNIT TEST MONDAY - study all weekend long. There are LOTS OF SKILL being tested. Use your HW and graded quizzes to refer to - spend time with it. The questions will come from HW and Assessments. 

Science - Bill Nye - Atmosphere and question sheet. Study Vocab cards for 10 min. No other HW for the weekend.

Updated Wed, Nov 8th

Math: L5.4 Dividing Decimals p. 129 #22-28

Tutoring Thursday covering L4-5. Unit test #2 Monday.

Science: used it for math today - lesson was too long and hard :(  Layers of the Atmosphere due tomorrow colored and labeled.

Had a visit from our 5/6th grade councelor who talked to all classes about an inappropriate game that is making it's way around campus. If they should come home with stories about "smash or pass", this is where it came from. 

Updated Wed, Nov 8th

Math: L5.3 Multiplying Decimals p.123-124 # 14-26

Tutoring Thursday covering Lessons 4 and 5 - Unit Test Monday.

Science: Layers of the Atmosphere Poster - colored and labeled and due Thursday. Study vocab cards 10 min.

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