All assignments, other than required, weekly assignments, will be posted here along with due dates for each assignment.  Be sure to check this section daily!  

Updated Thu, Nov 17th

Depending on your assigned debate topic, complete the Argumentative Writing Graphic Organizer. Here are a few things to remember: 

1. Each student needs to complete one graphic organizer (one per person). You and your partner should have DIFFERENT reasons/evidence (minumum 2 reasons per person, minimum one piece of evidence per reason).  Therefore, in total, you and your debate partner need at minimum four different reasons/evidence to support your side of the debate. 

2. The strongest arguments, whether in writing or debate, rely on reason, logic, facts, and statistics to support the argument. Be sure to cite all of your sources. 

3. If you need more space to write, attach a piece of binder paper or printed out responses to the original graphic organizer. 

4. Grading: you will be graded on the following cateria:

-Productivity during class today

-solid reasons/evidence

-debate performance

-grade from your peers 

5. Reminders regarding the graphic organizer: 

counter claim = opposing view

refutation  =   counterargument or rebuttal 

Updated Tue, Nov 15th

1. Recall our argument/claim generated in class today: we established an argument/claim, brainstormed on reasons to support our argument/claim, identified an opposing view for our argument/claim, and then established a counterargument for said opposing view. 

2. Login to my. hrw.com and review the Level Up Tutorials, "Author's Perspective" and "Elements of an Argument" 

3. Complete the Google form "Scary Tales Partner Work" submit your responses so we may review tomorrow in class. You may use one side of the "Argumentative Writing Graphic Organizer" in order to organize your thoughts, however, it is not required. 

4. Read the article, "Save a Life, Wear a Helmet" handed out in class today. Fill out the "Argumentative Writing Graphic Organizer" based on the information presented by the author (NOT your own opinion). 

Due Wednesday 11/16

Updated Mon, Nov 14th

Friday 11/18

Updated Mon, Nov 14th

due 11/15/16

Updated Mon, Nov 14th
Updated Mon, Nov 7th

due Tuesday 11/8

Updated Wed, Oct 26th

You must turn in the permission slip in order to go on the fieldtrip!!! Have your permission slip turned in by Friday 10/28 for 5 extra credit points 

Updated Wed, Oct 26th

here is the quizlet for this quiz:


Updated Thu, Oct 20th

The link below will bring you to the quizlet for tomorrow's test.  


By popular request, I'll set up a review game tonight for any who would like to participate from home.  As this is our first time playing, I'm not sure how well it will work but lets give it a shot! 


-I'll start the game at 7:30 pm and end it at 8:30 pm

-The code to join: 250-681

-your username needs to include your REAL first name and, if you like, a funny second name; for instance, "Hannah Banana".  Remember, SCHOOL APPROPRIATE and RESPECTFUL! 

Updated Tue, Oct 18th

1. login to my.hrw.com--go to page 96

2. click on the magnifying glass icon

3. complete questions #1-6 electronically and save each question to the Notebook 

Due: Thursday 10/20