Debate Graphic Organizer--due 11/18 (beginning of the period)

Depending on your assigned debate topic, complete the Argumentative Writing Graphic Organizer. Here are a few things to remember: 

1. Each student needs to complete one graphic organizer (one per person). You and your partner should have DIFFERENT reasons/evidence (minumum 2 reasons per person, minimum one piece of evidence per reason).  Therefore, in total, you and your debate partner need at minimum four different reasons/evidence to support your side of the debate. 

2. The strongest arguments, whether in writing or debate, rely on reason, logic, facts, and statistics to support the argument. Be sure to cite all of your sources. 

3. If you need more space to write, attach a piece of binder paper or printed out responses to the original graphic organizer. 

4. Grading: you will be graded on the following cateria:

-Productivity during class today

-solid reasons/evidence

-debate performance

-grade from your peers 

5. Reminders regarding the graphic organizer: 

counter claim = opposing view

refutation  =   counterargument or rebuttal