TV Commercial Assignment

1. watch a whole or a portion of a tv show tonight (news cast, sports game, reality tv, sitcom, etc.) THAT HAS COMMERCIALS 
-Netflix will not work as it does not have ads. 
-If you do not have a TV or do not have cable, search You Tube with the following link:
and watch a full or portion of a tv show--school appropriate 

2. Using our discussion in class today about demographics (the worksheet I shared via the document camera is attached to this assignment) bullet point what you believe to be the demographics of the target audience for the program you are watching (gender, social grouping, age, race, economic status, etc.)

3. Analyze minimum (1) commercial aired while watching the program for the same demographic information (bullet point is fine). 
Bullet point this information as well. Be sure to list what product was being sold in each commercial

4. In a brief paragraph, explain if the commercial's targeted audience's demographics aligned with the program's target audience's demographics. Why or why not? Also include at least one technique (pathos, logos, ethos, bribery, avant garde etc.) utilized in the commercial. 

5. Use the attached worksheets as a guide for what you will be including in your analysis. 

*The only way you would NOT be able to complete this assignment is if you do not have, at the very least, internet access. If this is the case, send me an email TONIGHT explaining your specific circumstances*

*Advertising Techniques Handouts referenced in this assignment can be found via Google Classroom or in the Documents section of this website*