"Scary Tales" online assignments

1. Recall our argument/claim generated in class today: we established an argument/claim, brainstormed on reasons to support our argument/claim, identified an opposing view for our argument/claim, and then established a counterargument for said opposing view. 

2. Login to my. hrw.com and review the Level Up Tutorials, "Author's Perspective" and "Elements of an Argument" 

3. Complete the Google form "Scary Tales Partner Work" submit your responses so we may review tomorrow in class. You may use one side of the "Argumentative Writing Graphic Organizer" in order to organize your thoughts, however, it is not required. 

4. Read the article, "Save a Life, Wear a Helmet" handed out in class today. Fill out the "Argumentative Writing Graphic Organizer" based on the information presented by the author (NOT your own opinion). 

Due Wednesday 11/16