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Updated Mon, Dec 5th

This week, we'll begin studying the constitution (Chapter 9). We will start out the week with a focus on the preamble to the constitution, then begin an activity that will familiarize you with Articles 1-10. 

You are required to memorize the preamble and recite it to me sometime between now and Friday, Dec. 9th. You may do this in a group or individually. You may sing it, sign it (using the hand sign handout I gave you the other day) or recite it, whichever method you prefer!

Due this week: 

12/7- Preamble Scramble worksheet (you should have picked this up when you finished your test).

12/9- Recite the preamble to Mrs. Weber

Updated Mon, Nov 28th

This week, we will continue our study of the compromises that led to the creation of our current Constitution. We will have a review on Thursday, and a test on Tuesday.

Due this week: 

Friday, December 2nd

Chapter 8 packet

Chapter 8 test

Updated Mon, Nov 14th

This week, we'll launch in to Chapter 8 "Creating the Constitution". We'll be focusing on the debates and compromises that occurred while the founders were trying to create an effective government for such a variety of states. We will not have a test until after the Thanksgiving break. 

Due this week: 


There are no scheduled assignments due this week. 

Updated Mon, Nov 7th

This week, we'll continue our exploration of the presidential election. I'll be sending home an electoral college map for students to fill out on election night. Color in the states red or blue as they are "called" by whatever news organization you are using to watch the election. If it gets late and there is no clear winner, that's fine, but be sure to bring the map with you on Wednesday, as we'll be discussing it that day. 

On Thursday, we have the field trip to UCSC, and Friday is Veteran's Day, so it's a short week for class time. When we return next week, we'll be studying the compromises created at the Constitutional Convention. 

Due this week: 

11/9- Electoral Map

          - Extra credit Upfront Magazine quiz and analysis (worksheets are available in my          classroom)

Updated Mon, Oct 31st

This week, we will continue our study of the American Revolution on Monday/ Tuesday. On Wednesday, we will begin a unit on the election. I had planned a test for this day, but in the interests of time (and because I want to have plenty of time to discuss the election) I have decided to forego the test. Instead, I will grade your packet as an assessment. Be sure you use complete sentences, answer all questions completely and thoroughly and use/highlight the vocabulary words for the chapter. 

Due this week: 

Wed. 11/2:

-Chapter 7 packet (graded as an assessment)

Updated Tue, Oct 25th

This week, we'll wrap up our study of the Declaration of Independence, and then begin learning about the Revolutionary War. On Wednesdsay, we will have an outdoor activity that will require athletic shoes and clothing that you can "play" in. Please dress accordingly!

Due this week: 

10/28- Chapter 6 Packets

           - Declaration of Independence Crossword Puzzles

10/26- Atlas page 17A/B

           - Upfront Magazine "What's at Stake" quiz

Remember! Wear athletic shoes and clothing appropriate for running and playing on Wednesday!

Updated Mon, Oct 3rd

This week, we'll wrap up our study of life in the Colonies (chapter 4) with a writing assignment, which will serve as the assessment for this chapter. Students will be writing an article for the London Chronicle, which will correct some of the incorrect assumptions the English have about the colonies. On Tuesday, we'll begin our study of Chapter 5 ("Toward Independence"). 

Due dates:

10/7- Chapter 4 article assessment

         - Chapter 4 packet

Updated Mon, Sep 26th

This week, we'll wrap our study of the English colonies and begin a new chapter (Chapter 4 "Life in the Colonies"). Below are the agenda and due dates for the week: 

Monday, 9/26-

Colonies project presentations

Chapter 3 packet due

Atlas page 14/15 due

Tuesday, 9/27-

Preview Activity for Chapter 4- British newspaper headlines concerning colonies (True or False?)

KWL chart 

Discuss vocabulary

Work on Atlas page

Wednesday, 9/28- 

Chapter 4 activity begins: Observe placards, read and listen to primary documentation, make judgement of truthfulness of British headlines. 

Thursday, 9/29- 

Continue activity (aim for completion by the end of this period).

Friday, 9/30-

Last minute completion of packets. Complete Timeline Activity at end of packet.

Monday, 10/3

Chapter 4 processing activity due.  This is the assessment for this chapter so do your best work!!! 

Updated Mon, Sep 19th

This week, we'll be learning about the 13 original British colonies (Chapter 3), upon which the United States was founded. We will be completing a group project that will be due on Monday, 9/26. The project entails creating an ad campaign for one of the colonies, which will be presented to the class. This is the assessment for this chapter (ALERT!!!!ASSESSMENT POINTS!!!). Students will have four class periods to complete the project.

Due in the near future: 

Monday, 9/26-

Chapter 3 packet

Colonies presentations

Atlas page 14A/B-15A/B

Updated Tue, Sep 13th

This week, we will finish up our study of European exploration of the New World. 

Agenda for the week: 

Monday- Section 5 + notes (English exploration and settlement)

               - "Mystery of Roanoke" video clip

               - "Pocohontas song" video clip

Tuesday- Movie: Nightmare at Jamestown

Wednesday- Section 6 (New Netherland)

                      - Act-it-outs (time permitting)

Thursday- Review chapters one and two

Friday- Test (Chapters 1 and 2)

Due this week: 

Tuesday 9/13- "Nightmare at Jamestown" video guide (at end of period)

Friday 9/16- Chs. 1 and 2 test

                     - Chs. 1 and 2 packets

                     - Atlas page 11A/B-12 A/B