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Classroom News and Information

Updated Mon, Jun 5th

This week, we will watch two episodes of Ken Burns' The West. This is an extra credit opportunity! Take 15 bullet points per episode and earn 10 extra credit assessment points!On Wednesday, we will have a "map the United States" contest. On Thursday/ Friday, we will be taking the United States citizenship test. Both of these events are contests between groups. Due this week: NOTHING!! YAY!!

Updated Wed, May 31st

This week, students will be working on their Chapter 24 project, which is a skit about the Nez Perce Indians. This will be performed and graded beginning on Friday, June 2nd. 


Due this week: 

5/30- Chapter 23 project ("Road to Reconstruction"). This was an extended due date, so I am not going to be happy with students who turn this in late, or whose work is not complete and well done. 

Updated Mon, May 15th

This week, we'll continue our study of the period after the Civil War ("Reconstruction"- Chapter 23). Even though we are finishing this chapter by the end of this week, the project for this assignment is due Tuesday, May 30th. This is to allow for the stress of preparing for Exhibition, which is May 25th. Because of the extended due date, I am expecting EXCELLENT work on this project. Remember, this is one of the most important eras in American History you will learn in my classroom. 

Due this week: 

Friday, May 19- Makeup/retake of Ch. 22 test (only 13 points or under may retake!)

Due in the future: 

Tuesday, May 30- Chapter 23 project

Updated Mon, May 8th

This week, we will wrap up our study of the Civil War. We'll learn about Sherman's March to the Sea and Appomattox. On Wednesday, we will review for the test, which is Thursday, May 11th. We'll begin Chapter 23 ("Reconstruction") on Tues/ Fri of this week. The assessment for Chapter 23 is an at home project, which will be discussed in class this week. It will be due the week of 5/22. This is our last week of block schedule, so next week we'll be back to our usual process! Yay! 

Due this week: 

5/11- Chapter 22 test

        - Chapter 22 packet

Updated Thu, Apr 27th

This week, we'll begin our study of the Civil War. This will take us until May 11th, at which point we will have a test on Chapters 21 and 22 ("The Nation Divides" and "The Civil War"). 

Due this week: 

Nothing is due this week. 

Due next week: 

Monday, May 1st- Glory parent permission slip (to be handed out at the end of this week)

May 11th- Chapters 21 and 22 test and packets

Updated Mon, Apr 17th

This week, we'll finish up our study of the events leading up the Civil War. We should be done by Thursday. We will move directly into the Civil War on Friday. We'll have a test on these two chapters week after next. 

Next week, we will start three weeks of block schedule to accommodate SBAC testing. 

Due this week: 


Updated Mon, Apr 10th

This week, we'll be studying the events leading up to the Civil War (Chapter 21 "A Dividing Nation". This is a very detailed chapter, so be sure to take quality notes on your packets. We will not have a test until the end of Chapter 22, which will be scheduled towards the end of the month of April. 

Due this week: 

NOW- Promotion packets- if you have not turned this in already, please do so ASAP, as they were due the Friday before break. 

4/14- Chapters 19 and 20 Makeup/ Retake test- AT LUNCH. This is the only time you can do this, so do not miss it!

Updated Mon, Mar 27th

This week, we'll be learning about the lives of African-Americans before the Civil War. We will have a test on both chapters 19 and 20 on Friday, March 31st. Packets are due on that day. 

Due this week: 

Friday, March 31st- Chapters 19 and 20 packets

                                 - Chapters 19 and 20 test

Updated Mon, Mar 20th

This week, we'll begin learning about the years directly leading up to the Civil War. We will start with an examination of the differences between the North and South (Chapter 19: geography, economy, society and transportation). At the end of the week, we will begin learning about the lives of African-Americans (both enslaved and free) in the years before the Civil War (Chapter 20). There will be a test on Thursday, March 30th on both Chapters 19 and 20. 

Due this week: 

Monday, 3/20:

                         - Chapter 18 packet (last page is your assessment for this chapter, so be sure                              it is complete and is quality work!

Due next week: 

Thursday, March 30th:                        

                         - Chapters 19 and 20 packets

                         - Test, Chapters 19 and 20

Updated Mon, Mar 13th

This week, we will finish up the online activities for "Life in the West", and then spend the rest of the week learning about the reformers of the mid-19th century (Chapter 17). We will have a short assessment for this chapter, which will not be due until early next week.

Due this week: 

3/13- "American Progress" annotation

3/15- "Life in the West" and Lewis & Clark Cyberhunt online activities