Miss Perris' 6th Grade ELA, Reading, and Social Studies


Happy Wednesday,
There will continue to be Homework Center on Tuesdays and Thursdays!
Campbell Union School District invites you to the 41st Annual Richard Ullmann Writing Faire.  The Faire will take place from May 13 - May 22, 2019 at the Campbell Public Library.  A special reception for all participants and their family and friends is on Wednesday, May 15 between 6:00 - 7:30 pm at the library.  The event is sponsored by the Friends of the Campbell Library.  Join us at 6:00 pm for welcoming remarks by Superintendent Shelly Viramontez, or come at any time to view the entries.
I will be submitting the following entries to the Writer’s Faire:
Argumentative essays:
Allyson Jezyk**
Denali Reilly**
Regan Steele**
Kenzo Williams
Narrative writing:
Madeline Crowley
Sinchana Holla
Allyson Jezyk**
Issac Martinez
Denali Reilly**
Snigdha Shenoy
Regan Steele**
Noella Thu
Bailey Wilcox
Informational writing:
Sinchana Holla**
Amber Lopez
Anjani Nabar
Denali Reilly**
As we get closer to SBAC testing, administration has asked us to pass on this message.  Students are allowed to bring earbuds from home (must plug into the computer).  You do not need to go out and purchase them if your child does not have any at home.  We will provide them here at school.
SBAC testing is starting soon.  ELA testing begins first on Thursday, 5/2/19.  The testing block is from 10:15 - 11:37 am on testing days.  Please put the following dates/times on your calendar:
Thursday, 5/2/19 — ELA CAT 
Friday, 5/3/19 — ELA CAT 
Monday, 5/6/19 — Math CAT
Tuesday, 5/7/19 — Math CAT
Thursday, 5/9/19 — ELA PT
Friday, 5/10/19 — ELA PT
Monday, 5/13/19 — Math PT
Tuesday, 5/14/19 — Math PT
Please do not schedule appointments (if it can be helped) during testing times.
For all the latest Rolling Hills news, you can go to https://rollinghills.campbellusd.org.
Homework for 4/24/19:

Reading/Literature:  READ 30 minutes every night including weekends!  

Language Arts:  
*Learn the singular indefinite pronouns (Helpful hint:  Words with “one” are singular; words with “body” are singular; words with “thing” are singular.)  Examples of singular indefinite pronouns:  one, anyone, no one, someone, anybody, somebody, nobody, anything, something, everything, nothing . . .  
Math:  No homework
Science:  No homework
Social Studies:  Chapter 7 test on Greece TOMORROW.  Pink packet due TOMORROW. 
Have a great night.
Ms. Perris/Ms. Harrington