Miss Perris' 6th Grade ELA, Reading, and Social Studies


Happy Tuesday,
SBAC testing is starting in a little over 2 weeks.  ELA testing begins first on Thursday, 5/2/19.  The testing block is from 10:15 - 11:37 am on testing days.  Please put the following dates/times on your calendar:
Thursday, 5/2/19 — ELA CAT 
Friday, 5/3/19 — ELA CAT 
Monday, 5/6/19 — Math CAT
Tuesday, 5/7/19 — Math CAT
Thursday, 5/9/19 — ELA PT
Friday, 5/10/19 — ELA PT
Monday, 5/13/19 — Math PT
Tuesday, 5/14/19 — Math PT
Please do not schedule appointments (if it can be helped) during testing times.
For all the latest Rolling Hills news, you can go to https://rollinghills.campbellusd.org.
Homework for 4/16/19:

Reading/Literature:  READ 30 minutes every night including weekends!  

Language Arts:  No homework
Math:   Complete the 2-sided worksheet.  Side 1- p. 335, review of Dot Plots (do not do #6-8).  Side 2 - p. 341, review of histograms.  Please remember that the intervals need to each be the same amount. 
Science:  Finish up worksheets if you haven’t yet completed them (section 4 of the atmosphere chapter).  Study for a quiz on it TOMORROW.
Social Studies:  REVIEW the pink packet.  Chapter 7 test will most likely be next Thursday, 4/25.  The pink packet will be due on the day of the test.
Have a great night.
Ms. Perris/Ms. Harrington