Miss Perris' 6th Grade ELA, Reading, and Social Studies


Happy Wednesday,
As far as Valentine’s Day, if your child is planning on bringing candy, please make sure that they bring enough in for every student in their class.  The gold group has 30 students, and the green group has 29 students.  The same goes with Valentine’s Day cards.  We want to make sure that everyone feels included.  :)
Heart & Sole is Girls on the Run’s after-school program that gives 6-8th grade girls the tools to
be healthy, happy, and confident. Heart & Sole is more than just a running program! The 10-
week curriculum focuses on the whole girl - body, brain, heart, social, spirit - using fun games
and activities to teach her how to set goals and boundaries, ask for and receive help, set up a
support system, and more! Physical activity is woven into the program, helping the girls increase
their strength and endurance for the Girls on the Run 5K on May 18. Registration is open! Go
to www.gotrsv.org for more information and to sign up!
Reminders:  Winter break is next week, 2/18/19.  Trimester 2 ends 3/8/19.
Homework for 2/13/19: 
Reading/Literature:  READ 30 minutes every night including weekends!
***GOLD GROUP ONLY — Complete the prompt for ch. 3 (character analysis).  Some students may only need to edit their work, at this point.  The prompt:  Describe the main character in the book, Jaguar.  We brainstormed “evidence” as a whole class and wrote it in the composition book.  Students are to use this information when writing their response (2 paragraphs).
Language Arts:  
*Review grammar worksheet
*Grammar quiz on Friday, 2/15
*Page 310 (all), p. 311  #10-14. 
*Module 11 quiz is on Friday, 2/15.
Science:  Do some research so you are ready to share with your science group tomorrow.
Social Studies:  Map of China due on Tuesday, 2/26
Have a great night.
Ms. Perris/Ms. Harrington