Miss Perris' 6th Grade ELA, Reading, and Social Studies


Happy Wednesday,
There was a Walden West representative here at school today.  Hopefully, many questions were answered for your children.  Unfortunately, the blue forms were due today and some of them were incomplete.  Mrs. Harrington will be sending home emails asking that these forms be completed and returned to school ASAP.  Again, the green form is only necessary if your child will be bringing medication to camp.    
The candy fundraiser will be ending on Friday, 12/14.
Just a reminder that we will be attending science camp from Tuesday, 1/15/19 through Friday, 1/18/19.  FINAL camp payments need to be made BEFORE we head off to camp.  If it is financially possible, it would be better to make the payment BEFORE we head off for winter break.  I’ll be sending home statements sometime next week (except for those students selling candy bars).  
Please remember the RHMS Toy Drive!  We are asking for new toys appropriate for middle school aged children (no video games or gift cards, please).  The last day to donate toys will be Friday, 12/14.  Thanks as always for your support.
There will be a band concert on Wednesday, 12/12 here at RHMS.   
COLLECTING ALL BOX TOPS!! If you have been collecting BOX TOPS, Please bring then to your 1st period teacher.  PLEASE put the BOX TOPS in a baggie and write your child’s name/# of BOX TOPS on the baggie.  We will be collecting BOX TOPS throughout the year, so if you can start saving them now, that would be great!!  Thanks for your support.
Homework for 12/6/18: 
Reading/Literature:  READ 25 minutes every night including weekends!  AR BOOK CHECK FOR ALL STUDENTS TOMORROW. 
Language Arts:  
*Review grammar worksheet
*Grammar quiz TOMORROW
*Complete the 3 boxes on the sequencing design worksheet (“Birds on a Wire”).  Remember that there should only be ONE sentence in each box!  Use your sequencing map.  We will work on topic sentence and concluding sentence in class tomorrow.
*Complete pages 170-171
Science:  We are continuing with presentations on organ systems.  If your child has not presented, he/she should be practicing at home.  Please ask to see his/her notes (blue and green papers).  Also, if your child has already presented, they should bring their self-evaluation sheet.
Social Studies:  No homework
Have a great night.
Ms. Perris/Ms. Harrington