Miss Perris' 6th Grade ELA, Reading, and Social Studies


Dear Parents:
It would be greatly appreciated if parents could have a talk with their child regarding appropriate behavior while at school.  I’m finding that some behaviors are becoming disrespectful to me, as a teacher, but also disrespectful to each other as students.  Having said that, we will be reviewing the classroom expectations when we return from camp.  We will also use some class time on Monday to go over the rules at Walden West.  Both Ms. Harrington and I are looking forward to science camp and all of its adventures.
Science camp checks can be made out to RHMS.  Please remember to put your child’s name in the memo section of the check.  The cost for camp is $320.00 (unless your child has participated in fundraising).
1.  We leave from RHMS on Tuesday morning.  Please be at school at the regular start time.  CHECK-IN is INSIDE the GYM.
2.  We return to RHMS on Friday at NOON.  Please make sure that someone is available to pick up your child.  Students will NOT be allowed to walk home.  Pick-up is in front of the GYM.
3.  You need to pack a SACK LUNCH for the first day.  PLEASE DO NOT PACK ANY PRODUCTS CONTAINING PEANUTS.  Remember to bring a reusable water bottle.
4.  Please refer to the supply list as to what to bring.  IMPORTANT ITEMS TO REMEMBER:  a bathing suit and towels.  
5.  ALL items such as suitcases, sleeping bags, duffel bags, pillows, backpacks, etc. should be LABELED with your child’s name.  A strip of masking tape with your child’s name on it works well.
6.  Regarding medications:  You must have a completed green sheet in order to bring medications to camp.  Medications MUST be put into a LARGE BAGGIE with the child’s name clearly written on the bag.  The medications MUST be in the ORIGINAL CONTAINERS.  IF you have already turned in the green form, we will place the form inside the baggie for you.  IF you have not turned in a green form, please make sure that you bring it with you on Tuesday morning, along with the medication.
7.  Your child’s school backpack can be used as a “daypack” (of course, it needs to be cleaned out.)  Students use the daypack while going on their hikes.  They will carry their water bottle, lunch, pencils (provided by the camp), journal (provided by the camp), and any other things that they might need on a hike.
Lastly, you can write to your child at the camp.  Remember to send correspondence out BEFORE we leave for camp to make sure that it reaches your child in time.
Correspondence can be sent to:
Walden West Center Science
15555 Sanborn Road 
Saratoga, CA 95070
If you can think of any other questions, please let me know.
Homework for 1/11/19: 
Reading/Literature:  READ 30 minutes every night including weekends!  
Language Arts:  No homework
Math:  Page 223 in GoMath book.  Quiz on Monday.
Science:  No homework 
Social Studies:  No homework 
Have a great weekend.
Ms. Perris/Ms. Harrington