Miss Perris' 6th Grade ELA, Reading, and Social Studies


Happy Baskin-Robbins Thursday,

A reminder that we will be leaving for science camp on Monday morning.  We will be meeting in the gym at the regular start of the school day.  I am including a link to the packing list, in case you have not had a chance to look at it.  Please do not go out and buy new items.  If your child does not have a sleeping bag, they can bring a couple of blankets and a pillow.  Additionally, your child can use his/her backpack as their daypack.  Remember to pack long pants only - no shorts (with the exception of swim shorts/trunks).  http://www.waldenwest.org/docs/Participant-Parent-Information.pdf
Some additional reminders:
*Remember to bring a swimsuit/swim trunks
*Remember to bring towels
*Remember to bring a backpack (“daypack”)
*Remember to bring a water bottle
*Remember to bring a sack lunch for the 1st day - MONDAY!
*Remember to pick up your child by NOON on THURSDAY!  All students will need a ride home on Thursday.  THERE IS NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS ON FRIDAY.
****For students bringing medication:
*Make sure to have the medication (IN ITS ORIGINAL CONTAINER) inside a large baggie.  Make sure that your child’s name is on the baggie, along with your child’s core teacher.  If you have not turned in the green form, please place the form inside the baggie.  We will take care of the rest.
If you have questions about any of this, please email me.
All CIA items need to be turned in by TOMORROW.  Items are now being earmarked for all of the Northern California fire survivors.
REMEMBER TO COLLECT BOX TOPS! The winning class will receive an ice cream cone party!  Please place BOX TOPS in a baggie, along with your child’s name and the number of BOX TOPS enclosed.  Have your child give them to his/her core teacher.  As always, thank you for your support.
Books and Brauts is scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 1. 

1.  Science camp will be NEXT WEEK - October 23 - 26.  
2.  Mrs. Donovan will hold her homework center on Mondays from 3:15 - 3:45 pm.
3.  Miss Perris will hold her homework club on Tuesday and Thursdays from 3:15 - 4:15.
Homework for 10/19/17:

Language Arts (Perris only): 

*Short story is due TOMORROW.  Please print out the story at home, and bring to class TOMORROW.
*Review grammar worksheet - quiz TOMORROW.
Social Studies (Perris only):  No homework
Math (All):  Complete 'Annoying Vampire' worksheet
Science (All):  No homework

Reading/Literature (Perris only):  

Please read 20 MINUTES every day at home.  An AR book should be in a student's backpack at all times.  

If you want to find out if the book your child is reading is an AR book, please go to www.arbookfind.com.  Please have your child see me if he/she needs help with book selection.


Have a great night.  


Miss Perris/Mrs. Donovan/Mr. Chen