Rolling Hills Middle School

... of the Year

While RHMS students succeed as a result of many, three stood out as our Teacher of the Year, Classified Member of the Year, and Volunteer of the Year.

Mrs. Harrington is an educator who is continually looking to make her classroom, her grade level team, and her support staff become better... all for students.  She does not shy away from the hard work of teaching, implementing Writing with Design strategies, a new social studies curriculum, and working with her PLC weekly at 7:00 am.  Often the voice of reason, she is a leader... a thinker... a doer who works within the system to provide what's best for all stakeholders.

Mrs. Panus opens our library at break and lunch, hosting nearly 100 students who choose her space in which to play board games and build creations.  She has focused her time and energy on culling hundreds of dated titles from our shelves and replacing them with new novels written by a diverse new generation of authors.  She is eager to support literature circles next year in several ELA classrooms.

Mrs. Weinstein, our PTA Treasurer, has stepped up to add veteran leadership to our RHMS PTA.  Going beyond just finances, Mrs. Weintein has shared historical considerations and protocols as our PTA works to strengthen its support of the RHMS mission and hundreds of students.