Rolling Hills Middle School

RHMS Flexible Learning Option... Week 2

We are committed to providing a second week of Flexible Learning for all students, as we pivot to Distance Learning.

At the conclusion of a video conference late yesterday afternoon, fifty-seven staff members began working on creating a second week of targeted Flexible Learning Options.  Collaboratively, lessons will be vetted by departments and grade levels, along with members of a Site Leadership Team, before their publication.  On Monday morning, March 23rd, this new Flexible Learning Option will be posted to our website and shared with students via Google Classroom and SeeSaw.

As students maintain the consistency of a daily schedule, accessible lessons, and increased communication with their teachers, we will take direction from the State of California and spend time defining Distance Learning and implementing measures to address this on a large scale.

It is our expectation to have a loose process in place on March 30th, week before our formal Spring Break, and then a tighter system in place on April 13th.

We recognize there will be questions to address.  Please refer to the district's webpage for FAQs, as all sites are following protocols as defined by CUSD leadership.

Thank you for providing safety and support for your children at home, as we work hard to provide the same from school next week.

Be well...

Ted Cribari III and Amy Vanderbosch