Rolling Hills Middle School

Principal's Message

At RHMS, we pride ourselves on our “Good Neighbor” policy. Safeway, one of our largest neighbors, has agreed to continue our neighborhood partnership after school. Our agreed upon guidelines are as follows:

  • Please use the side parking lot of Safeway for pick-up after school
  • Please pick up by 3:30 to avoid students lingering in front of the store
  • No more than 2 students at a time will be allowed into the store
  • If you need something, please accompany your child into the store

Our parking lot can be very crowded, and the lines can be long. We appreciate Safeway’s understanding and assistance in helping our parents retrieve their children.

Safety is always a focus for our students coming to and from school. Children crossing More Avenue, either to meet their parents or walk home, are reminded of the following guidelines:

  • Cross only in the crosswalks with the Crossing Guards
  • Always following the Crossing Guards’ instructions- they are employees of the Campbell Police Department
  • Walk bicycles and scooters while in the crosswalk

Students riding bicycles/scooters have guidelines also. They are:

  • Always wear your helmet. Hanging on the handlebars doesn’t count-it’s the law.
  • Walk bicycles/scooters while on campus.
  • Walk bicycles/scooters when on the catwalk- there are too many pedestrians to ride safely
  • Look both ways when coming off the ramp of the catwalk- there are cars at that point.
  • The bicycle rack is crowded (we’re trying to find more space for another rack). Park you bike carefully, taking up only one slot. And please, lock your bicycle/scooter.

Thank you for helping keep our kids safe,

Cynthia L Dodd
Principal, RHMS