Rolling Hills Middle School

8th Grade to High School

We typically receive questions regarding the transition to high school and wanted to share communication from the Campbell Union High School District.

We want all of our students to be in the moment and enjoy their experiences.  We want our students to grow and flourish this year.  We want our 8th graders to thrive as 8th graders.

We also recognize that the slow transition to high school starts in the coming months, and that transition is already on people's minds.  Campbell Union High School District is a different district than the Campbell Union (Elementary) School District.  CUHSD serves parts of CUSD, Moreland, Los Gatos, Saratoga, Union, Cambrian, and potentially a few others.  Communication is vital, as registering students from so many feeder sites is no simple undertaking.

In an effort to communicate with families, we've added two flyers that are directly from CUHSD and may answer questions.