Drama I

Classroom News and Information

Updated Tue, May 9th

This week we will be starting a new unit on theatre in Ancient Greece.  Students will learn about the origins of western theatre while doing a group study of a modern-day adaptation of "Antigone" by Sophocles.

Updated Mon, May 1st

This week, we will wrap up our puppet unit.  Students will finish creating their puppets and perform their puppet show for the class!

Updated Mon, Apr 24th

Week 4 Terms:

-Rate: The speed at which you talk.

-Volume: How loud or soft you speak.

-Script: The written text of a play.

-Props: Objects used in the performance of a play.

Updated Mon, Apr 24th

This week, students will continue to work on their puppets for their puppet shows.  We will finish sewing the bodies and then make and attach the mouths.  By the end of the week, we will reach the best part - decorating our puppets!

Updated Mon, Apr 17th

Week 1 Terms:





-Center Stage


Updated Mon, Apr 17th

Stage Right

Stage Left


Body Language