Harrington Social Studies, Language Arts, Lit 6th Grade

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Classroom News and Information

Updated Thu, Sep 20th

Language Arts:

Hurdle 2 Sept. 21, 28, Oct. 5

This speech is on a role model, someone who has influenced them.

DLR quiz tomorrow

Vocabulary packet due tomorrow for correcting. Quiz is next Wednesday

We worked on this in class so it should be almost complete.

We will be starting narrative writing next week. Students worked on outline this week and will share ideas with each other today in class.

Social Studies: None

Literature: All students were given their results from the STAR reading test they took, goals were set, and students should now have their books for independent reading. If they don't have a book please have your child see me.

Updated Mon, Sep 17th
Updated Mon, Sep 17th

Students are welcome after school until 4:00 pm to review and practice for the test on Thursday

Updated Mon, Sep 17th
Updated Mon, Sep 17th
Updated Mon, Sep 17th
Updated Mon, Sep 17th
Updated Mon, Sep 17th

Language Arts:

Hurdle 2 was assigned today. We will be completing the speeches on Friday, Sept. 21, Sept 28 and Oct.5.

Your child has signed up for one of the dates. There is also a worksheet explaining the speech and the requirements.

SOcial Studies:



Green: none

Gold: Maniac Chapter 1-11 quiz tomorrow- Venn diagram, vocabulary and questions are due tomorrow. All of this should have been done in class. They had the whole period today to finish anything as well as several other days in class to work on vocabulary.

Updated Tue, Sep 11th

Language Arts:

Vocabulary quiz (Suffixes) Wednesday

Students should have the exact questions hilighted

DLR quiz 3 Friday

Fundraiser orders due Friday

Social Studies:

Archaeology quiz Thursday

Review vocabulary sheet in packet AND How Old Is It page for quiz

Packet due TOMORROW: We organized today in class

Literature: None

Updated Mon, Sep 10th

All orders for the Flower Power fundraiser are due today. Please make sure address information is correct and the correct amount is included for each order. There is a $6 shipping charge on each person's order.

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