Homework - 9-15-16

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Today we discussed the first module test, which is scheduled for September 27.  We looked at the math concepts we have already learned and those we still need to study.  Most students are comfortable with using a place value chart to multiply and divide numbers by powers of 10 (the magic number in fifth grade math :-).  They are comfortable with conversion factors when using the metric system, especially with meters and centimeters, kilograms and grams, and liters and milliliters.  We just started using place value charts to compare the values of decimal fractions.  We have also done lots of interesting word problems.  Fifth grade math is so much fun!  

We listed math concepts to cover still before that first module test, including flexibility and fluency with standard, word, and expanded forms of numbers, multiplying, dividing, adding, and subtracting decimals, estimating and rounding numbers to a specific place value.  Funny- I don't remember doing such great stuff when I was only in fifth grade... :-)

9-15-16 Homework:

p. 33 in the workbook.