Good afternoon.  We are still working on Module 3, adding and subtracting fractions with like and unlike denominators.  We have done most of the math footwork, and we will be reviewing and working through WORD PROBLEMS.  Your child should have the following pages completed in the Module 3 workbook:  12, 15, 17,  20.  Depending on the period, we are finishing up review of pages 22, 25, and 27.  Please check the workbook to see how your child is doing. (If you would like a picture of any of these pages completed, please email me.)  

As always, feel free to teach your child 'old-school' tricks; I teach them myself once they have shown they have a handle on the Engage New York way.  And feel free to review, review, review with the pages in the workbook we do not complete as a class.

We will finish the word problems for Lessons 6 and 7 before taking the Mid Module Assessment early next week.

Homework tonight:  Review sheet- one side rounding decimals, one side adding fractions with unlike denominators. 

Have a wonderful evening!