Homework and Other News 10-6-2016

What a gorgeous day.  I'm correcting papers with Itunes playing my current favorite Voice song.  Love this season with crisp mornings and gently warm afternoons. I hope everyone is enjoying it as much as I am.

This week we rebooted with IReady before jumping into Module 2 with 3 whole lessons.  Lesson 3 is my favorite of the bunch, so we did that first.  Please check the work in the workbooks.  Ask what a 'reasonable estimate' is, and how we use our knowledge of place value to make mental math easier when multiplying.  Then we are deep into rounding before multiplying to come up with that 'reasonable estimate'.  The homework for this evening is workbook pages: 2 "3, page 3 #5 & #6, p. 7 #2, and p. 8 #3 & #4.  If there is time, check out the IReady progress your child has made on the standards-based lessons and quizzes.  Many students have extra lessons that they have chosen, as well.

Have a great evening.