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Clubs provide students an opportunity to develop their interests alongside peers and teachers. These student-based organizations generally meet during school hours, but may have extra-curricular components, so keep an eye on the calendar.

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Concert Band

The RHMS Concert Band is a group made up of 7th and 8th grade students who have successfully completed at least one year of Beginning Band and have committed themselves to developing their talents even further. This ensemble will present three concerts and travel to Santa Clara with the Advanced Band to participate in the Great America Music Festival!

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Core Academics

New ideas. New concepts. New skills.

Middle school is when students explore core subjects more deeply and discover new interests and skills that may continue through high school and beyond. Our teachers provide strong core academic instruction through their broad knowledge of the subject matter, standards-based curriculum, and creative lesson design. 

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Davis, Science 7

Click on "Science Agenda" for the agendas with homework.  

Go to PowerSchool to see the details of the assignments by clicking any font that is blue.  Daily homework is also posted there by due date, and you can see all your grades and assignment for all classes.  I also recommend that on PowerSchool, you sign up for as many as 7 reports automatically  e-mailed to you every day, or as often as you wish.  

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Digital Photography

The Digital Photography course covers the concepts of traditional photography, and how it translates to digital technologies. Students learn how to use computer hardware and software as tools in creating digital photographic art, including a photo editing program is used to create artful digital images. The course includes the history of photography and the use of digital images in personal and commercial applications, such as advertising and commercials. Students will create and critique a portfolio. 

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Donovan Math

Math book this year is GO Math.

The book is available on line at:

Students use their school username and passwords to log in to book online.

For full credit in math you must show your work!

Don't forget any test or quiz can be corrected on a seperate sheet of paper showing all work and adding a sentence to improve to a B-.  Corrections need to be done by the end of the unit of study.

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Donovan Physical Education

New PE schedule! PE will now be for one week at a time.  Your child will need their PE clothes at school the Monday of their scheduled PE week. They will have PE everyday that week. The following week they will be with Mrs. Scamporrino for Reading/Lit. They will then rotate back to PE the week after.

You can find your childs PE weeks listed below.

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Donovan Science

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The Drama program at Rolling Hills Middle School provides students with opportunities to gain confidence and build collaboration, public speaking, and social interaction skills as they develop a solid foundation in the theater arts. Through after school activities, students cover the California State Standards for theater education, and learn the basics of the stage, character development, and improvisational and performance skills, as well as to analyze and critique a wide variety of dramatic genres.

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