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Updated Wed, Sep 6th

Complete pages 4, 5, 6, 7 (4-7) in your Science Workbook.

Updated Tue, Sep 5th

Today we began our CELLS Unit.

1)  Complete pages 2-3 in the Interactive Workbook.  Bring to school everyday!

2)  Read Pages 8-12 in the Science Textbook.  Every student has this textbook at home.  Leave it at home.  We have an extra copy in each desk at school.

3)  Tell your parents what country I was born in.  Tell your parents about the video about the Yellow School Bus that transports kids from different islands.  

DO NOW Video


Updated Tue, Aug 29th

Hello & Welcome

All students received a Science Textbook.    Each textbook has a barcode from the Library.    The Science Textbook stays at HOME!   Please return the book to school on May 31, 2018.

Updated Wed, May 24th

Due on Friday, 5.26.17 for Period 1 and 3.

Page 31 and 32 in the Health Workbook.

Period 5 will get this worksheet on Friday.  Period 5 will have page 31 and 32 due on Tuesday 5.30.17.

Updated Tue, May 23rd

Page 29 in your health workbook.   Choose an advertisement (don't choose Gatorade Protein Bar or Mountain Dew...we did these in class).  Complete page 29 in your workbook.

Updated Mon, May 22nd

Page 21 and 25 in the Health Workbook are due tomorrow.  Make sure to get your family to sign the bottom of both pages.

Eat a healthy breakfast before you come to school tomorrow.

Turn in Permission Forms for June 12th Picnic.

Updated Tue, Apr 11th

Tuesday - Today we did a Chemistry Lab with 3 mystery substances and 2 liquids (1 water and 1 acid).  Tonight's homework is to try to figure out what the mystery substances could be.

Wed.  4/12 Science Homework

Read Page 281-293 in the Science Textbook

Pages 184-190 in the Science Workbook 

Thursday 4/13 Science Homework

Read Pages 294-307 in the Science Textbook

Pages 191-196 in the Science Workbook

Monday 4/17 Science Homework 

Read Pages 308-315

Pages 197-202 in Science Workbook

Read Pages 308-315

Pages 197-202 in Science Workbook

Updated Mon, Mar 20th

Due Tuesday

Explain in your own words.

What is phytoplankton?

What is zooplankton?

What is holoplankton?

What is meroplankton?

What is the difference between holoplankton and meroplankton?

(Parents - we learned this today!)

Plus Read Station 6 Worksheet

Updated Wed, Mar 8th

Last set of vocab cards.

Period 1 - 10 vocab words due tomorrow (Thurs. 3/9)  This class had more time in class to work on the cards.

Period 3 and 5 - 5 vocab words due tomorrow (Thur. 3/9) 

Parents - See the website below for information regarding the O'Neill Odyssey.


Updated Thu, Mar 2nd

Science HW - Student watched 2 videos today.  If you want to watch them again, here are the links.



No HW - Some students brought home their classwork poster.   It is due at the end of Friday's class period.