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Thursday - Read Pages 1-2 in your notebook.  Highlight today's words from notes.  

Write 5 questions using pages 1-2.  

Example:  What are the 5 habitats at the wetlands?  

Answer the 5 questions in your notebook.

Friday - Show your parents the videos from the wetlands.



Updated Tue, Jan 9th

Monday - Welcome Back

Please ask your parents to sign up for the field trips!

Tuesday - Study Guide for Test on Friday

Wed. - Study for Test on Friday & Write 10 questions for Wetlands Guest Speaker.

Thurs. - Study for the Test on Friday & Turn in 10 questions for Wetlands Guest Speaker

Friday - Test - Waterwise Unit

MLK Holiday Monday, No School on Monday

Tuesday 1/16 - Guest Speaker from Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge.  

Updated Wed, Dec 20th

Waterwise Pages 20-25 & Pages 27-33 Questions.

Students have 3 pages to complete the week we return to school.  Due January 12.  You may want to complete this during vacation if you have time.  



Science Period_________


Waterwise Page 20-25 & Page 27-33 Questions

1.  What is a drought?

2.  What are the 5 categories of a drought index?

3.  How do scientist determine global climate patters today?

4.  What is desalination?

5.  Finish the sentence.

Desalination plants ___________________sea water to ________________________water in many regions of the _____________________.

6.  Where is the Desalination plant in CA?

7.  What is Osmosis?

8.  What is Reverse Osmosis?

9.  What does reverse osmosis remove from the Seawater?

10.  What percent of the world’s population will receive their water from deslination by 2025?

11.  What are the steps to use water?






12.  What is reclaimed water?

13.  If every household in the US installed a bathroom faucet aerator, how much would we save in energy costs? 

14.  When is the best time to water


15.  What is a water heater?

16.  How much water would an aerator save?

17.  Fill in the sentences.

Run your clothes washer and dishwasher only when it is ________________________.

18.  When washing dishes by hand,

19.  When using the hose to water your landscape, make sure you

20.  Shorten your shower by

21.  Turn off the water while


1 gallon =  4 ________________ = 8 _______________=16_____________

23.  1 dripping faucet waste gallons of water.

50 homes = _________________________________________

100,000 homes = __________________________________

1 million homes = _________________________________

Updated Mon, Dec 11th

Monday:  Students had Day 2 of the 5210 Health Presentation.    Please finish your "plates".

Tuesday:  Students had Day 3 of the 5210 Health Presentation.  Tell you parents what 5, 2, 1, 0 mean.

Wed:  Finish WaterWise Paragraphs.    We started these in class, but students need to finish their paragraph if they do not have a score in Powerschool.   Please log-in to CLEVER and complete using Google Docs.

1)  Read Pages 16 to 19.

2)  Highlight the topic sentence in each paragraph.

3)  Write a paragraph about the Think & Apply question on page 19.

Make sure you have a topic sentence.  DO NOT start your topic with I. 

Start paragraph….

      People in the U.S. use more water than people in other countries….

Water Resources

1)  Read pages Highlight Pages 11-14. 

2)  Highlight topic sentence in each paragraph.

3)  Write a paragraph about the location of our water sources.  Use the following to start.  Write a 8 sentence paragraph about water sources.    Use the following words in your paragraph:

  • ocean water, freshwater, surface water, groundwater, aquifer

Thursday - Crossword Puzzle in Waterwise packet

Friday - Have a great weekend!  

Updated Mon, Dec 4th

Monday:  Read Pages 7-9 in WaterWise Workbook

1)   Answer Questions on worksheet #1-12.   Write a paragraph (5-8 sentences & include topic sentence and describe the water cycle in your own words.)

Tuesday:  Hidden Message Worksheet &  Start Super Science pages.

Wednesday:  Read Pages 11 & 12 in Water Wise Workbook.  Write 2 questions for page 11 and 2 questions for page 12.    

Thursday:  Describe the presentation that happened in class today.  (5210 speaker)

Finish Super Science pages.  

Friday:  Super Science is DUE today.  (50 points)

Updated Wed, Nov 29th

Period 3 and 5 ONLY

In Class Work:  Highlight topic sentences for each paragraph on page 3 & 6.

Pages 4 & 5 in the Student Waterwise Workbook.

Period 1 will do this in class tomorrow.

Updated Tue, Nov 28th

Shower – 2.5 gallons per minute

Faucet  - 2 gallons per minute

Toilet – 1.6 gallons per flush

HW – When you go home, you will monitor and calculate how much water you use today/tonight.  Complete Day 1 in your Waterwise Workbook.  Make sure you bring your Waterwise Workbook to school tomorrow.  

HW – Place Rain Gauge near/in lawn or anywhere outside near your home.   We will measure amounts on another day.

Updated Mon, Nov 13th

We are working on a tile project this week.  It's a surpise, Parents!   Please don't ask them about it.

Monday - Choose a tree for your tile.

Tuesday - Choose a quote for your tile.

Wednesday - If you have not completed drawing your tree or quote on your draft, please complete.   

Don't forget to bring something for the POTLUCK on Thursday.

Thursday - Finish Gratitude Letter

Friday - Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Updated Mon, Oct 30th

Check the Calendar for your Conference Appointment.  See you then!


Periods 1, 3, 5 - Study flashcards and photosynthesis diagram.


Periods 1, 3, 5 - Study for your History Test on Thursday and Friday.


Periods 1, 3, 5 - Study for your Science Test.  Go over flashcards, photosynthesis diagram, & 4 pages entitled, "How do plants move materials?" & "How do plants produce food?".  

Updated Mon, Oct 23rd

Monday  10.23.17 -

1)  2 Rows in Science Notebook Plant Journal

Dates to Complete - 10.20.17 & 10.23.17

2)  4 Plant Worksheets

Tuesday 10.24.17

1)  Study Flashcards

2)  Study 4 Plant Worksheets 

3)  Plant Worksheet 

Wed. 10.25.17

1)  Study Flashcards

2)  Study 4 plant worksheets

3)  Finish Plant Diagram

Thursday  - Study for Test Nov. 7

Friday - Have a great weekend