Homework Week of 3.12.18 to 3.16.18

Mon 3.12.18   Complete Pages 86 & 87 given on Friday.  Also complete pages 159 - 168 in the Science Workbook.  Due on Tuesday.

Tues. 3.13.18 - Guest Speaker Today from the Wetlands.

 Completes pages 169 - 185 in the Science Workbook.  Due on Thurs.

Wed. 3.14.18 Study for the Test and finish all Workbook pages.  Make flashcards for the important vocabulary if you have not already done so.

Thurs. 3.15.18   Picture Day - Students do not have to wear PE Gear.

Study for the Test on Friday.  All workbook pages and notebook pages are due tomorrow.

Friday 3.16.18 - TEST - The Solar System