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Updated Thu, Dec 14th

Monday December 18 kicks off our 5-days of Spirit at RHMS.  Show your school spirit and join your classmates!

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Updated Tue, Jan 9th

Updated Tue, Dec 12th

Hi Everyone,

We are fortunate to have a wonderful community of students that enjoys biking and walking to school. Often, our columns are directed at reminders for our kids. We would like to ensure the safety of all our students by also reminding our drivers of the rules of the road. 
*Please don’t block crosswalks while waiting in line
*Remember to pause and look for our bicyclists before turning
*Our crossing guards work hard to cross our children safely- please respect them.
*Please be patient while waiting in your car. Don’t try to line skip by passing on the wrong side of the road.
*And finally, always pull forward when waiting for you child at the curb. Making room for someone else keeps our lines moving.
Have a wonderful week,
Cynthia Dodd
Updated Tue, Dec 12th

Do you bike to school?  Do you want to learn how to do minor repairs and fix a flat tire?  Mr. Valine will be having a workshop on Thursday, November 30, after school in room A4.  There will be demonstrations, a q&a session, and a quiz with prizes. 

Updated Fri, Dec 1st

Campbell School of Innovation has a multi-year, campus-wide facility improvement plan.

Phase One of the three-phase plan includes replacing the current A-Wing Classrooms, relocating Tennis Courts**, New Playground Equipment, Garden, Extended Parking Lot.  (These are estimated timelines. Actual dates are dependent upon progress in each phase.)

December 2017................. Start demolition of current A-Wing, Tennis Courts**, Playground Area

February 2018................... Start construction of new A-Wing and Playground Area

Spring/Summer 2018....... Construction of new Tennis Courts**

August 2018....................... School Opens

Summer 2019.................... Expand Parking and Garden

** The City and School District are working on the final placement of the tennis courts.

The diagram below shows plans for Phases 2 and 3  See the full three-phase plan online or at the Campbell Union School District administration office, 155 N. 3rd Street, Campbell.

CSI Construction Plan Phases

Updated Wed, Nov 15th

Campbell School of Innovation Will Have a Design Thinking Focus.
Opening for Grades TK-4 and Growing to TK-8 by 2022.

A new school is coming to Campbell in 2018. The Campbell School of Innovation, a public school for transitional kindergarten through eighth grade is being hailed as a catalyst for changing the landscape of learning in Campbell Union School District.

“Our society is changing rapidly,” said Dr. Shelly Viramontez, Superintendent of the Campbell Union Elementary School District. “It’s critical that all of our students gain the kind of enduring skills and knowledge they’ll need for successful careers: creative problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication. Campbell School of Innovation will lead that effort for all of our schools.”

Please see the full story on the Campbell Union School District home page for details about the program, construction and enrollment.

Updated Tue, Nov 14th

The Color Run will be held this Friday after school on the track.  Permission slips are available in front of the Eagle’s Nest.  To attend this event, students should bring your signed permission slip with $5.00 to the track on Friday.  Hope to see you there.

Updated Wed, Nov 8th

As the days become shorter and night falls sooner, we find our children around the house more. Often, the first thing they do is sit in front of the computer, turn on the TV, go to their room, play video games, or play on their phones.  These are opportunities to have those conversations we often put off until we’re too tired. Asking those yes or no questions aren’t always the best conversation starters with a middle school child. Try asking any of the following- you’ll have a better chance of an extended discussion and more information about your child’s everyday life here at RHMS:

What was the funniest thing that happened to one of your friends today?

If you could have one class that lasted longer than the others today, what would it have been? What makes that class good for you?

If you could have not gone to one class today, which would you choose? What would make that class better?

Which is better: first grade or the one you’re in now? Why?


Enjoy your long weekend,

Cynthia L. Dodd

Bell Schedule

  • Period 1 8:30–9:27
  • Period 2 9:31–10:25
  • Break 10:25–10:35
  • Period 3 10:38–11:33
  • Period 4 11:37–12:31
  • Lunch 12:31–1:01
  • Period 5 1:05–1:59
  • Period 6 2:03–2:57
  • Period 1 8:30–9:27
  • Period 2 9:31–10:25
  • Break 10:25–10:35
  • Period 3 10:38–11:33
  • Lunch 11:33–12:03
  • Period 4 12:06–1:01
  • Period 5 1:05–1:59
  • Period 6 2:03–2:57
  • Period 1 8:30–9:15
  • Period 2 9:18–10:03
  • Break 10:03–10:13
  • Period 3 10:17–11:01
  • Period 4 11:05–11:49
  • Lunch 11:49–12:19
  • Period 5 12:23–1:07
  • Period 6 1:11–1:55

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