Rolling Hills Middle School

Volunteers Needed - Grades 7, 6, & 5

Dear RHMS Family,

This call for volunteers is directed to all grades -- 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th.

The 8th grade Promotion Party and Promotion Day event only happen when all our families come together to support each other. This is a long standing tradition at RHMS and it is one worth holding on to. Your time and donations are urgently needed. We need 7th grade families to volunteer to chair the two committees and we need 5th, 6th and 7th grade families in particular to help. Our 8th grade families are invited to help with the Yearbook signing party, but they are not allowed to help on June 13, 2018. They are to enjoy the ceremony and celebrate their promoting 8th grader. This is a very special occasion for both student and family. 

IMPORTANT: If you have already signed up, please log in again and check for shift times and specific food or item requests. Mark your choices. 

Please, pay it forward... support our 8th grade students and families so that when you are in 8th grade others will step up and support you. If you have volunteered before, you are especially asked to volunteer again and help train those that are coming up next. 

On behalf of all promoting 8th graders, who have been dreaming of these events, your participation is deeply appreciated.

The Class of 2018
The Executive PTA Board Volunteers of 2017-18
Blesilda Ilano-Tenorio. 5th grade Teacher, Staff Advisor
Sujatha Raghu, 8th grade Science teacher, Staff Advisor

p.s. You may find that you receive this request twice, please forgive us, we are sending this to all RHMS families, and all people who specifically said they would volunteer their time and talents  

This event is THAT Important. :-)